Dark 0rder. - C5 WH - Serious PvP for the Casual Player

Can confirm, Dark Order is good people. Been with them for a few weeks and they’re all super helpful and knowledgeable.

Dark 0rder and our special Ops group was Featured on Talking In Stations today. We are making big waves in Vale of the Silent.

Don’t be Shy! Hop into our discord to say hello and get more information!

Hello,eu tz? Requirements?

o/ @Bladerunner666_TheBlade

The only requirements we have are the ones posted at the top:

  1. 25m SP (But we are extremely flexible with this)
    our goal with this requirement is that we bring in medium skilled players that we can teach more advanced Eve tactics to like WH life and PvP Fleet tactics. We are trying to avoid newbros that we have to teach things like how to navigate around eve without your autopilot.

  2. SeAT Registration: This is required by most alliances in null and helps keep the bad guys and their spys at bay.

  3. Working microphone. Talking is a much faster way of communicating than typing and most of our activities and fleets require good coordination and quick reactions. This also promotes good cohesion and a strong team building environment because we chill in voice comms in between getting to know each other.

Other than that we have no game time requirements and no participation requirements. We instead try to provide fun activites daily so that when you are able to login you have fun things to do.

Feel free to hop into our discord public channel and say Hello. Someone will be able to give you more info and answer any questions you may have. I hope to see you around soon :slight_smile:

Tnx man, see you in the morning when the night shift is over, o7

Dope! I look forward to chatting with you. Have fun at work, I am just about to finish my shift in 15 minutes or so :smiley:

We are an all inclusive corporation. Don’t be shy! Hop into our discord and say Hello.

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Come hop in our Pub for a quick interview or to ask any questions.

Recruiters online all Day.

Hey wanted to reach out let you know I’m interested in joining I have some experience been away for two years so got some learning to do again. I sent you a message in game and have been in discord however I don’t see anyone.

Dark 0rder. wants you to join today to make those dank iskies and participate in some dank fleet fights. Join Today!!!

Donate blood today!

hop into our IG Recruitment pub at D.O Recruitment

Recruitment is Open.

Bump, Need some new faces!

Getting our Ice mine on come join us today!!

He be crabbin.

Bump like an orca on the jita undock

Need new faces here… tired of talking to blackknigh lol