[TDSIN C5/C5 Corp - EU/US] 8 Years in WH Space! Looking for Willing PVPers

Here at The Dark Space Initiative, we’re looking to swell our ranks with willing and active PvP-focused pilots. We’re one of the oldest and most successful corps in WH-space with over 8 years of experience under our belt! With the expansion of citadels it’s never been easier to move into and live in a wormhole. Come live with a long-established WH corp to reinvigorate your love of Eve! We live out of a no effect C5 with a C5 static which provides us with plenty of opportunities to pew pew with the locals.

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Activities include, but not limited to:

  • Enemy WH raids
  • Null-Sec / Low-Sec roams
  • Going ballsdeep with capitals in High-Class WH space
  • Both large-scale & small-gang PvP
  • Spec OPs
  • Blops
  • Content spanning EU, US & AU time-zones.

What WE Want From YOU:

  • Able to fly, or close to flyng, one of the following: (1) Gila w/ T2 Tank, (2) Confessor or (3) Interdictor.
  • Frigate V in any race, or able to fly an Astero.
  • Able to fit and use Covops Cloaking Device.
  • One of the following: (1) PvP experience or (2) WH experience
  • Omega Clone
  • Good attitude; Willingness to learn new doctrines
  • Working headset w/ microphone
  • Active

What YOU Will Get From US:

  • A cozy C5/C5
  • Friendly corpies who assist with PvE farmhole setup, if needed
  • Closely connected community that creates content in and out of game
  • Corp Store - Fully fitted doctrine ships sold in-house
  • Sweet meetup events like Eve Northeast, Eve Dublin, Eve Glasgow as well as a huge turnout for Eve Fanfest and parties with the devs!

Third-Party Tools Used/Required:

  • Pathfinder - WH chain mapping interface
  • Discord - Fleet / content pings, out-of-game communication
  • Fleet-Up - Doctrine planning

To apply, please (1) visit our public in-game recruitment channel, TDSIN Recruitment, to speak our recruiters. Then, (2) complete our online application.

Our Videos:
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ExookiZ: Fanfest Alliance Panel 2016
Joseph Barnacle O’Sullivan: Fanfest Alliance Panel 2014
ExookiZ: Fanfest Alliance Panel 2013
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Thats real cute, when I talked to them they were rude and expected me to bring an entire blinged fleet on day one. I was told “Making money is on you alone” Don’t expect help from these guys your just there to be another blip in their fleet.

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Sorry you had that experience, but I find this very hard to believe. We help all members set up their farmholes (can attest personally) so that they have a good source of steady income. Additionally, there are no requirements day one, as you so dramatically mentioned. We do ask, however, that after 2 months all pilots have a ship from each doctrine in the home system, which you can purchase via the Corp Store. So, no hauling needed.

Would love it if you’d give us another thought when you’re not bad.



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Still looking to have more join us. Exciting things happening all the time in wormhole space!

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Recruitment is open for all TZs! Join TDSIN Recruitment in game for more info!

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