Returning to Eve? Looking for a change of scenery? Dark 0rder would welcome you

Dark 0rder is a friendly, helpful group of pilots that have flown together for years. We live inside of wormholes so PvP and PvE for good ISK is always available.

These are some recommended requirements:

  • 25 mil+ SP is recommended
  • A frequent watcher of Eve videos
  • Mature enough and not egotistical or quarrelsome (We just want to play games with friends, not have drama)
  • A dreadnaught pilot would be great
  • Good listener when it comes to fleet situations
  • An understanding of wormholes

If you would like to have a Q&A or conversation, please feel free to message or start a conversation with ‘Jolene Tradoris’ or join the ‘D.0 Recruitment’ channel in game. Fly safe o7

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