Night.Crew - Small WH PVP Group is recruiting

Hey out there,

Night.Crew is new, small but active WH PVP tight knit group which is recruiting for few more pilots to join our ranks. We are developing a mercenary orientated PVP content (a lot of interesting projects and PVP activities) but also we do not turn away from any other PVP opportunity.
We are friendly, mature and tight knit group who above everything appreciate each others company while playing this game. No Drama, none cocky nonsense and etc. Decent little bunch of people.

There are few basic requirements we are looking for such as:

  • Omega account (To also have an Alt. is preferable).
  • Willing to learn and fly.
  • Voice communications (Discord).
  • Treat others like you would like to be treated.
  • Self sufficient.
  • Enjoy the game as we enjoy it.
  • WH experience is preferable.

We also offer few nice perks but about them later.

If you are interested, please join our Discord and In-Game channels.

We want to keep Corporation as a small tight knit group therefore - recruitment is limited.

Thank you.

Monday evening - :beers:

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