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Here here!

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Always Needs To Be Real my friend :heart:
Always inspiring !

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Yesterday i was scanning a wormhole to enter Thera. I was in my anathema scan fit with probes. I scanned it and entered Thera and had a look about. After a while i decided to leave as i had a roam to do with a corp and some dude warped near me in a heron but luckily he warped away quickly.

I couldn’t find the wormhole i came through for some reason (was in moussou) so i scanned a new wormhole and entered into the arse end of nowhere in null thukker space (great place for a loyal Amarrian to be right? ).

I started warping back to penirgman and abiut 20 jumps out i started getting followed. I knew what was happening and there was no way he was going to catch me, especially with cloak.

Anyway as i decelerated towards a gate, about 104km out, i ran into a can. It slowed me down. I began to fly away towards gate but it was too late. I got gangked.

Moral of the story: none. It saved me 20 jumps and i have too much isk to care. Will be selling the killrights for lols XD


Well said. Hopefully will inspire some folks to give PvP a try.

My only issue is with your personal code. I respect that you have one. I do as well, but mine is different.

Always be kind.

I don’t disagree, but there’s a lot of room for interpretation there. I’d like to think that I’m always kind, but I also acknowledge that banter and taunting are an enjoyable part of PvP.

Sometimes people are afraid to fight you. But in some cases, they can be inspired to do so if you taunt them successfully in local or private chat. Sometimes creating the engagement you want is a much deeper art than simply tactical maneuvering of your spaceship. Psychology can be part of your strategy as well.

A certain amount of smacktalk after a fight, win or lose, is also an enjoyable part of the process if done with a little style and wit. Saying “gf” is boring.

“Be kind” to me doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk ■■■■. It means do so in a way that is light hearted and family friendly.

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Local pvp can often be just as, if not more entertaining than actual pvp itself. As long as the underlying intentions are good, nothing is off limits.

It’s about having fun.

Great write up!
Especially the part about not being afraid to undock.

Posts like this remind me of what made me want to pvp in the first place.

Sometimes you get lost in the day-to-day, same old same old.

Time to try new things, undock things out of your comfort zone!

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