Where is everybody?

Hi all,

New guy here, sorry if this question is in the wrong place…

I just started out in EVE because I found out there is a stealth element - I love stealth games and submarine simulators, and had no idea EVE could be played like that. Everything I saw was either stories of political boringness or giant battles where you can’t even see the ship you’re in. Now I’m hooked though, wormholes are so unbelievably fun and scary.

Anyway I’ve injected some of those skill injectors to get a head start and got into a stealth bomber. It is unbelievably fun exploring wormholes and trying to find people and blow them up.

Trouble is, I rarely see anyone. I know how to use the directional scanner and everything, it just seems that nobody is around. Is this normal? Are there certain classes of wormholes which are more populated? Or is it a time zone thing? I’m on the east coast of North America, which is i guess EVE plus 4 or 5 h.

If the answer is ‘well wormholes are just sparsely populated’ then that’s fine, I’m all about the hunt and don’t mind slinking around for hours. I just want to be sure there’s not the equivalent of a watering hole on the savannah surrounded by super fat zebras that I’m missing…


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Odds are they are there, but only using dscan is going to hinder your ability to find them due to the range of the scanner. What you will want to do is use a combination of things:

  • Go to anomalies to see if anybody is sitting there.
  • Hang around the entry to the hole to catch people coming and going.
  • Use an expanded probe launcher and combat probes to do a much wider and extensive search of the hole.

Thanks for the reply! I’m going to try all these things. I’m going to have to figure out how to fit one of those expanded probe things on my ship though, I think I need to train my ship computer skills more. Question though - if I launch those probes won’t they be able to see them?


If they are paying attention, they absolutely will :wink:

Remember, stealth doesn’t mean instant kills and completely helpless prey- everything in EVE has a counter. Sometimes that’s a ship or module, sometimes it’s a set of skills, sometimes it’s just experience and paying attention. Part of what you will be relying on when you use those problems are:

  • Your speed in scanning down the victim
  • Them not noticing your probes

Your job as a hunter is to look for vulnerabilities or gaps in the possible counters to get to them before they get away.

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makes perfect sense. thanks for the input!

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So you are in a solo bomber, so most likely stick to low class space (C3 and below) because more frigates, miners, ect. You could train for a cloaky T3C, which is a absolute powerhouse when it comes to hunting. Some fits rival battleship DPS and Tank, but at the same time have more utility, mobility, and can cloak. If you want to be like a Sub, go in with a T3C in high class space (C5 and C6) and hunt miners, ratters, and so on.

Also, find others to cloaky hunt with. If you have multiple T3C, you can go and stomp krabs and get into some good fights.

Good Luck!!

P.S. Watering holes are typically C6 space, Highsec connections, and Thera.


“Zeek the Sneak”

Considering your name, your thread is funny. :slight_smile:

Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think?

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Have a look into the corp wingspan. Our whole corp is based on cloakie wormhole hunting


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hey, that’s exactly my plan! i hang out in the public channel, but i won’t have the required bomber skills for a few days yet. thanks!!!

Yeah, like me, i applied, the app stood there 3 months in pending status, then i got a mail and app rejected because the HR people low in number so it took a long time to review the app, so long that i needed to reapply (you know, skills get trained in time,etc). So this time maybe you hire more guys to interview people faster.

If you like cloaky PvP, you may be interested in joining bombers bar.

buy a stratios
be elite
join NC

You need to practice scanning and triangulating using Dscan.

So you only need one probescan in 1 AU or 0.5 AU and left then with just couple of seconds window to see your probes.

Anyway. Welcome to WH. You need extra patience to hunt people, but once you get one, it will be feels so good it should be illegal.

Is there agood write-up on that btechnique anywhere ? Can’t find anything with Google.

youtube is a good place to start.

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Thanks - although I personally find it easier to follow a written document than a youtube video, probably due to me being a bit of an old fogey.

well providing you know where the dscan is and you havent changed any keys…

you can lower both the range and angle of the scan; usually i adjust the angle to see what direction ‘target’ is in.

Holding ‘V’ down and left clicking on icons either on the overview or in space will make your camera (and therefore scan) point in that direction.

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Thanks a lot for this! I learned something new

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