Just hacked a WH Data site ...man, it was exciting!

(I am aware this will sound like a walk in the park for many, but mind you, I am very new to the game and have sub-par skills and equipment set-ups.)

Heron goes out-a-searching. Scans down a wormhole. Nope, it’s red in the center. I believe that indicates It’s a high level WH …and I have died to a few of those thus far. Better keep searching…

Scan down another. Looks safe (enough). Let’s go in.
Straight away I begin to warp to a celestial body in preparation for setting up my 1st safe spot. …SH*T! I forgot to mark the WH entrance location! I haven’t taken off yet. Quick, QUICK mash them keybindings and make one ASAP. I’ll edit the name later.

(whew…I hope it actually worked. Close call)

I set up 2 safe zones, all the while mashing that D-scanner.

Find a WH entrance. Nope. Not interested.
Find a Data site. Take a deep breath. Call in my probes. Warp to 100km (to see if it’s clear). It is! …I go on in…carefully.

Successfully hack 1 Object. Man, that was hard. Even with level 4 hacking skills (all of them). don’t forget to keep scanning. don’t forget!
I do another hack. FAIL …flee! in-case the explosion hits me.
Another one …Success!
Some nice loot here. Alright …wait. Dscanner detects sisters scanner probes.

That’s it!. Back to the safe zone and cloak up…

I wait. And wait…and some more.

How long until they get bored? What if they just camp the entrance?

I take a deep breath and warp to 100km of the WH entrance. Great! The location marker worked! And seems clear. But I don’t have a MWD, and I will get to the entrance too slowly. Hmm…
Back to Safe zone then warp back to within 0m of entrance!

Here we go!

Hit Safe zone, spin around…and brace myself.

Ship is approaching the entrance; "wait…wtf is an interdiction probe? that mean what I think it does?"

I see a massive ship heading straight for me …and it attacks almost immediately.
My shields go down 50% instantly, but I have already begun the ‘enter wormhole’ procedure.

I pass through, immediately warp to my safe spot in the system …cloak up…deep breath …heart racing. Dscan. Dscan. Dscan.

Coast seems clear.

Back to base to stash my meager haul.

…damn. What a rush (as pathetic as it may seem).


Welcome to wspace. We all float down here.


well done on the site, there are riches to be had.

read up on WHs though and you will find out ore about their nuances. for example pirate data/relic sites are only found in C1, C2 and C3 WHs, the others (without a pirate faction name in them) will have sleeper rats which your heron will not be able to kill.

Yeah …I found that out the hard way. Twice.

Well, one with the sleepers. Another was a Ghost site. I was blown up real good…

Also have to admit that the community is pretty good.

Every other time I have attempted exploration, and someone killed me (when I didn’t know what a safe spot/Dscanner was), they very openly explained what I did wrong, and how I should improve. Hell, some even paid me for my ship and gave me startup cash to equip a new rig.

This community blows any other MMORPG out of the water (as far as I am concerned)


Well done

  • It helps to learn the names of the sites. Pirate data sites in WH-space are always named “Central (faction) …” while pirate relic sites are always named “Ruined (faction) …” where (faction) is either ‘Sansah’, ‘Gurista’, ‘Serpentis’, ‘Blood’ or ‘Angel’. On the other hand, sleeper data sites are named “Unsecured …” and sleeper relic sites are named “Forgotton …”. So Central/Ruined = good, Forgotten/Unsecured = bad.
  • You can tell the class of the wormhole by selecting “show info” before you jump through. Low class (C1, C2, C3) will have a text saying the WH leads to “unknown space”. If the WH allows large ships through it will be a C2 or C3, medium ships usually a C1 (unless you are already in a C1). Pirate data/relics can only be found in C1, C2 and C3 wormholes. If “show info” shows the WH leads to “Dangerous unknown space” it goes to a C4 or C5. If it allows very large ships through, it leads to a C5. If “show info” shows the wormhole goes to “deadly unknown space” it goes to a C6. You can also tell where a WH goes by the wormhole type, for example a X702 will always go to a C3. http://www.tigerears.org/2011/11/14/wormhole-types/ has a nice table of the wormhole types (it’s a bit dated and unfortunately does not list the frigate sized holes)
  • Once you jump through, there is no need to rush. You have a 30 second jump cloak, this is ample time to bookmark the way back, peek around a bit using d-scan, lookat the map, and plan your next move.

That was awesome information!
Much obliged.

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Good on you.

If you like exploring you might consider joining Signal Cartel, I believe that they take new players and are good for mentoring. http://www.eve-scout.com/signal-cartel/

Otherwise just have fun and enjoy yourself.

A few helpful Tips
-use your ingame notepads, you can put links to ingame items, places, people and ship fittings
-create subfolders for your bookmarks and use a consistent, easy-to-read naming for them.
-Google is your friend. Keep a browser handy when you fly.
-Set your medical clone (Home Station) and consider creating some jump clones.

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Awesome story :slight_smile:

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I wanted to look into the signal cartel, but I do all that stuff now.

Nice read! Can feel your excitement at your accomplishment. I’m also somewhat new. Been playing around with trading and like reading about all the varied things to do within Eve. Keep doing your thing!

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Excellent story.

As one who hunts explorers in WH’s, I do have a catch and release policy on new pilots who have been brave enough to venture into wormhole space. Even managed to recruit the odd target into our corp!

The risks are high, but the rewards can be high too.

Top kudos for venturing out into the great unknown.

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Nice story. I still have that feeling every time I explore like that.

Granted I may look like a vet based on character age but my real life (RL) work and activities only allow me to play (actual environment play otherwise I do the skill queue game) during the holidays.

Because of this I am dominantly a soloist in PvE with PvP being wormhole and LowSec exploration (constantly forgetting that HiSec is not AFK safe… found this out brutally this holiday season) with me being the prey vs the hunter. Therefore I seem to be in constant newbie mode (this time around I have not played since citadels were introduced).

I’ve tried teaming up with others but when i have to tend to RL with an extended Eve break I come back to find everyone I interacted with are no longer available. In fact, this is how I wound up being CEO and owner of the corp that I joined with some friends (which I wish they had chosen a better name).

Bringing the rambling back into focus, my point is that the experience you had (and are having) is the part that keeps me involved in Eve, the quickening of the heart pace because your somewhere new and with wormholes you just never know who is there with you, just remember you are definitely not alone just because the local is blank, no one is talking and D-Scan is clear.

Enjoy the experiences, always try something new and don’t forget there’s a whole meta portion of the game that is just as interesting (forums, personal goals, and as always the social groupings and interactions).

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I know exactly how you feel - new player and I really enjoy wormhole expeditions.

I’ve not found any unguarded data/relic sites in wh space yet (many thanks for the tips on which wormholes contain them above) but I’ve been doing some mining at the rare ore sites in a disposable venture. Slowly stockpiling Arkonor and Cronkite, can’t wait till I have enough to learn gas harvesting…

Can I ask a noob question about d-scanning? You say you ‘spam’ it. I guess you’re talking about your directional scanner? But doesn’t that only look at the area in front of your ship? That’s what the graphic seems to show… can you 360 this somehow? It’s just there’s an awful lotta space not covered…

Till now is just been keeping an eye on my overview. The second I see a ship/probe, I’m gone. Worked out ok so far.

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I love all of the stories! i am a very new player here myself and im going to dive into some of the stuff you guys were talking about. im struggling with what to put on my ship. All i have right now is what the career quest giver handed me. is that good? do i need more. I haven’t yet went into a wormhole but it sounds exciting!

Wish me luck im going to try and find one of these and poke around

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Ive always thought about wormholes. This has inspired me to try my luck.

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Yes, you can. Look at the bottom of the scan window and you will see two sliders- one for angle and one for range. You can make the scan 360 degrees. Of course, you accuracy decreases for scans, but the goal there is to see if anybody is around so you can bail out if needed (or sharpen your scan to go hunt them :slight_smile: )

For spamming the scanner, the default hotkey is “v”.

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Of course that is if they are not in a Recon. There is a series of ships that do not show up on D-Scan… Another fav for hunters in WH to come down on you unexpectedly.

"Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!”

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Aww, see, and I was trying to preserve some element of surprise and excitement :wink:

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Oh, it will still be surprising when it happens. Trust me… :stuck_out_tongue:

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And this is why I do exploration. It is one of the last exciting things left in Eve. From WH to Nullsec, nothing beats the thrill of getting away from a gank.