Caught by the WHPD

sharing a funny story

I dove directly into wormhole exploration, even before I had Omega and thus even before I had access to cloaking. Doing data & relic sites is quite lucrative …

Now fast forward two weeks and I am still in my Minmatar Probe, but now with proper cloaking and I am making big money (given my level) in wormholes.

Yesterday I was pinned down and executed swiftly by @Vinnegar_Douche from the WHPD. He was impressed by the value of my loot :smile:

I became part of his show, well … I was cited to court on twitch, where I was supposed to make amends. I did hack into containers in wormhole space, after all - a serious offense.

I’m still not quite sure what the rules of the game are, but supposedly twitch chat could have voted to grant me 1 Billion ISK, if I had convinced them - not sure how. Games and stuff.

I also received two Blueprints :person_shrugging: as present.

I am not even mad, the whole thing was amazing. Role-playing in EVE is great. It gives meaning to my death and also, it maintains the risk-and-rewards structure. Me, chilling & hackin’ in nullsec when no-one’s in local, is probably fine - remains the risk of returning the loot, eventually. Me, chilling & hackin’ in J-Space is probably a bit reckless. It might be, though, that the overall turn-out still makes it worthwhile.

(in my case, I have to add the WHPD show and a private donor to the mix, so I actually got much more than just ISK … you know, the true treasure is the friends you meet on your way)

Shout out to the WHPD! Keeping J-space save for loot boxes.


I’ve always thought this was one of the more amusing RPs in Eve. I like his style.


Our movement gives the full support for WHPD and the officers that are working hard around the clock so that our universes relic sites aren’t ruined by hooligans! Glad to hear you’ve found the true spirit ot Eve Online and enjoyed the content the way you did. A true anti-bear player.

This attitude is needed in these hard times where everyone acts as anti-g unit carrying out the false prophecy, words of 100% safety within all 4 Empires Space, free alpha clones, a space without soul. Gameplay without content.

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There is nothing the Twitch Enthusiasts love more than when we can get a dirttbag from the game into Twitch Chat and play with them.

Thank you for being the STAR OF THE SHOW… One of the Cool Kids. It’s people like you who stick around a long time and make the game what it is.

I’m sorry the Twitch Enthusiasts didn’t vote you into a billion ISK… I was shocked, they usually go for the maximum prize but… You started talking smack with Cousin Poon and they got hateful. I hope the 100 million helps you to find a new path in life… Something more wholesome than desecration of culturally sensitive landmarks… Something like Jita Scamming, Trolling Goons, or Cake Baking.

Be Well, Dirtbag!


I didn’t believe the chance to 1 billion ISK was real an any moment. Probably I just had to shut my mouth.

Oh it was real , I often log into Vinnie show , the chats great , very funny at times and some great tunes from his vinyl collection.

His goat is cool too.

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WHPD :blue_heart: :white_heart: Wholesome content. Great streams.
WHAT THE ■■■■!? and UwU are strong there.

UwU! Banne

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