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Hey everyone,

I’ve taken a bit of a break with this character and now playing again. I’ve started a new blog to document my travels and I’d love to know what people think and more importantly if people would link their active blogs for me to follow.

Poking Your Hole

See you in space!


This is interesting. Is there an easier way to read the entries in chronological order?

Thank you :slight_smile:

I added a blog link to show all posts in descending chronological order. HTH.


I’m wondering about the Venture that you popped in WH space. Is there anything they could have done to avoid getting captured? Or is that an unavoidable cost of mining in WH space?

It’s difficult. When I am hunting I kinda sigh when I see them orbiting a cloud, especially at speed as it makes it a little more awkward for me to position myself. I need to decloak and give myself plenty of time for my lock delay plus I need to match their direction. If they’re mwd fit and they get out of scram range they can simply burn away. I guess if I’m set up correctly it’s not really that much of an issue. Sitting still is never good, and certainly being aligned helps but anyone with an ounce of experience is going to bump you anyway. Then there’s the restrictive number of low slots on a Venture and the fact you can only fit one stab. Most people actively hunting in an Astero are going to be packing two scrams so you’re having to mitigate four points essentially to escape where as at the most you’re going to be able to cancel out three points. It’s certainly a hard one.

Maybe some more experienced venture pilots have a few ideas? I suppose the minimal cost of Ventures themseleves makes the losses worth it in the long run, even if you do lose the odd hull full of chuff now and then.

Oh, and of course watching d-scan helps, as well as assuming that any and all probes are hostile even if you think there’s so much as 1% chance you’ve been spotted on d-scan… plus if you’re getting stalked by a resident or someone daytrip camping the hole chances are the sigs are all pre-scanned.

My advice would be to run cheap, stay alert and factor losses into your bottom line. I’ve seen fits that simply employ a prop mod and two multispectral ECM modules in the mids. This may work, but given the small amount of ehp the ship has you need to keep your fingers crossed that it works on the first cycle and that you have time to align out if bumped.

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This is helpful- I appreciate the info. So, I’m Omega, and can fly any mining ship except the Rorqual. I don’t know why, but I enjoy mining asteroids in dangerous space. But I always wonder whether I should go Venture, T2 mining frigate, or mining barge. I like the idea of a T2 frigate cuz cloaking = harder to kill, but wasn’t sure if you had any specific advice. I’m guessing you’ll Suggest using a Venture and minimize my losses?

I would indeed, but then if you’re in low you have the added advantage of local and a cloak plus a larger ore hold, so the prospect would be a good choice if you’re not afk, especially for gas.

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