W-Space Roaming Day

First, sorry for my bad english.

We are a small WH Corp, and we roam through W-Space on fixed days in the Week.
For the past few months we are noticing a stagnation of activity in W-Space for the EU TZ.

I am not proposing an increase in evictions. Those only discourage even more WH residents and kick them out of W-Space permanently.

I am proposing a day in the week where “ALL EVE PLAYERS” are staging into W-Space or where all W-Space residents roll their statics … for BOB !
In Groups with 5 - 15 Pilots for small gang PVP.

Is this a feasible Idea? Or is this idea too Idealistic for EVE ?

Best greatings from Austria

What does the Community think about Thurdays ?

CCP has to remember wormhols exist before you will see any real increase in content. Citadels slowly killed WH


You mean WH tourists?

Some times, we as comunity have to take it over. You can’t rely on CCP.
So we could gib this a try at the end of november ?
A Lead time of 2-4 weeks should be okay ?

So, what is it we (as wormholers, or PVPers even) are looking for?

Of course: Them juciy kills.
But, you may ask yourself: Where is da juice?

Lets look at it from the other side for some time; I am a wormholer, lets assume I would want to make some ISK;

Would I undock a somewhat nicely fitted Ship and run sites in J-Space?

If I just undocked and randomly started sites in J-Space, I can be rather sure WINGSPAN (or someone like me, even) is there cloaky and will most likely kill me.

Of course it is possible to somewhat secure the enviroment, but then you need one char guarding every wormhole connection (==scouts), and you need some form of reinforcement in case some cloaky T3 is already here…

This kind of means I need 5 Corpies to do it, which really cuts the revenue.
Better do some abyss, ■■■■ that.

Apart from that I do like your Idea. Maybe we would need to be more offensive about it?
Like, not ask the community:
“should we…”,
but instead lets just announce “we will J-Space PVP tomorrow, now, whatver”
Create some awareness, create incentive for people to look for us:
Maybe we should then
a) be easy to find, maybe start streaming without hiding system info etc, or
b) fly blingy ■■■■, so people would want to find us
c) pack some PLEX into our FCs cargo
all of them!?

This of course is somewhat expensive, and we would have to fight a fleet that was composed to beat us - yikes!

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What are you taking about? Roll all wandering holes then roll your static(s) then keep an eye on your scanner for new sigs.


I recently spoke to someone who lived in Wormhole space for 10 years and who did not know how to safety up the hole or what rage rolling was.

I’m amazed that people have lived here for so long without knowing how to lock the front door or that they have a back door that can’t be locked.

I startetd this thread for a reason :wink:

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