ROAMA WH PVP Corp open for recruitment EU/US TZ


I am Zu Tsang. If your looking for a new corp in WH space then we might be a great fit for you!

We have been going solid since 2019 and have a brought a great group of people together over the past few months. We do alot of Pew Pew. In chain , in null and low sec.

You can make money, we have alot of that stuff going on . Ratting, planets etc.

We live in a C4 WR with Static C3 and C5. We have a good EU and US TZ Spread , always people online and always something to do!

Join us on discord for a chat , check out our website.

Really a great corp with great people, look forward to meeting you!


A message from our CEO

Yeah that’s right - welcome to 2020, asshole. ROAMA is now recruiting, and we want you. I don’t care if you were some nullbro, or high sec station trader, if you can get into some ■■■■ and press the shoot button while also pressing the various “don’t die” buttons then get in on this ■■■■ right now. We offer access to content that you could never dream of, as well as other things you’d wished you hadn’t, such as:

  • Guidance from some of the most questionably competent minds in all of J-space
  • The freedom to manufacture ■■■■ or whatever
  • Fleets that may or may not survive any amount of time

and so much more.

Now, someone might say to you “uhhhhh actually I’ve seen ROAMA’s killboard and sometimes there are big splotches of red on it” and to that I say “you’re goddamn right” and also “chomp my nuts”. If there’s one thing we’re going to do, it’s undock. It might not always be pretty. We might not always win the n+1 game, but goddamn it are we going to do our damndest to throw hands every opportunity. That’s the ROAMA guarantee.

So get on down to contenttown and join ROAMA, because like my grandpappy always said, if you’re not the one doing the pumping then you’re the one getting pumped.

Wise man, my grandpappy.

Join ROAMA today.

Good luck.

Mark Resurrectus


20 M SP minimum

Our Site :

Our Discord : (Join to start recruitment)

Our Killboard :


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