ROAMA. (maybe) WANTS YOU! [C4/3/5

So, you’re looking for a corp, are you? What a coincidence, we’re looking for more pilots. But we’re not looking for just anyone . We need people who know their way around the darkest, spookiest corners of space. We need people who are ready and looking to kill, know 50 different ways to do it, and can fly the ships to get it done.

So you’re a wormhole PvP corp? Sounds like you’re demanding a lot.

Yes, on both counts. We understand that not everyone, and likely very few, will exactly match our ideal recruit. Some things can be compromised on, others not so much. Your SP and knowledge levels can always be increased, so we can afford to be more flexible on those categories. What we can’t change is your attitude and preferred gameplay style, so it’s critical that you really want to go kill things whenever possible.

Can you be more specific what you would want from me?

One does not need to meet every requirement to apply, but an ideal candidate is one with:

  • An unquenchable desire to see all of CCP’s pretty explosion effects in action
  • 30m+ SP preferred, but if you have an active killboard that demonstrates a commitment to PvPing, we can talk. (Win/loss isn’t nearly as important as regular, consistent activity.)
  • Prior wormhole experience
  • A functioning microphone and ability to use voice comms. (This one isn’t negotiatable)

Why should I join you guys? What do you have to offer?

You should join us because more people can make more spaceships into more space dust, and that’s the sort of thing you’re into. To facilitate that end, we have:

  • A wormhole system full of structures to dock your stuff in
  • Active players spanning EU and US time zones (AUTZ is absolutely welcome, just currently lacking)
  • Pathfinder map to easily navigate our known connections
  • Mumble server for clear voice comms
  • SRP policy to help cushion losses so you can go buy another and hop in the next fleet
  • An experienced roster of members to learn from (or remind them that a mechanic changed 3 years ago, old man)
  • Varied fleet types, including wormhole brawls, blops drops, roaming wolfpacks, and whatever else sounds fun at the moment

If you’re interested in joining, hop in our Discord, or show info on our corp in-game for links to our public channel and list of current recruiters.

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