Wanting EU TZ Micro to small gang pilots who love raiding null!

Im an Eu Tz pilot in a dominantly US tz corp. This comes easily sometimes but honestly I see it as an opportunity for you small gang pilots out there who love raiding nullsec.

If you just here me out I can explain why my wormhole is so glorious!
I live in a C2 with NULLSEC static which means when I want to go roam I can do it easily. Its a case of rolling a hole and seeing where I end up through a new WH. All my assets are so close to me inside the Citadels and I can pick and choose which weapon of choice I want to use.

The WH is jumped and boom you can be in local with multiple ratters and miners who havnt seen anything on intel! Holding these miners and vnis can mean getting a badly organised response fleet from the nullbears which we pick off lol. Its real good fun!

I just want solo and small gang pilots that know how to manual pilot and call tackle and skirmish well enough to be effective.

There are also other benefits to living in this WH as because of the larger US backing and also being members of a larger alliance means that we are fairly well defended. Content is all over and chance to make isk is very good with the other Static we have. (C5)

If this sounds interesting please hit me up. Your better joining a wh with infastructure and defences if your going to do it and the opportunities to do PVP are endless with the statics!. You dont need to know about WHS either because that can be taught. Iv created a chat channel ingame called JumpTackleDeeps Hope to see you around.

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