Relatively New Pilot, Experienced Explo New PvP / PvE

Hi! I have been doing mostly explo but I’m branching out into an actual corp.

I spend most of my time in Null-Sec and Wormhole space but dock out of Hek.

I prefer EU / RUS clans just because it seems to be more normal groups. I can read most EU languages but my RUS is non-existent. I’m hoping to do a bit of skullduggery and general good-natured fun. I am not a die-hard and I’m pretty against harassing newbies so I’m not looking to just go out and be a jerk off.

Then join the dragon wariors were pretty active and have a lot of new players and some old players if you want more info check out are recrument

Heyo o7

My corp is a medium sized one living in Tenerifis apart of Warriors of Sol | Alliance | zKillboard. We have a good amount of industrial projects going as an alliance trying to provide plenty of content for our indy bros :smiley: we have an ice system along with plenty of juicy moons with no heavy requirements for CTAs n such.

We have all kinds of people in our alliance, we got EU people, eastern US, some aussies and 1 kiwi, but he’s shy so hardly comes out to play :smiley:

It is nullsec and definitely something a bit different for most people playing this game but we have a lot of friendly pilots and always ready to teach de weys of le null sec!

Hit me up ingame or in discord Arkis#0305

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