How do you protect yourself?

Hello, I’ve recently been experimenting with exploration (in a Heron) in wormhole space. However, although I’ve been d-scanning constantly, I’m still attacked and destroyed whenever I find and warp to a signature, by cloaked Astero’s.

So, I’m wondering what I can do to find these ships, or what I can do to avoid them?


ECM drones can momentarily break their lock allowing you to escape, you do have to be tanked enough to live long enough for them to jam him though.



You will have to react very fast and be very much vigilant about your surroundings. It’s a tradecraft which takes time to learn. So, just don’t give up and keep learning in cheep ships and you will get there.

Ask people who killed you what happened. I’m sure that those on your last kill-mail will advise you. Just be nice.

The most reliable way how to evade is probably to warp off before they finish locking you.

Heron is not the best ship for that. Probe or Imicus can evade Astero. I think that Heron would do that also, but it’s just harder and for a new player very challenging.

Once anything materializes in your overview, don’t wait and just warp off immediately.

When you hack a can, always keep in your mind that the first and foremost task is to get out and be ready to do that at any time immediately. Don’t be too much focused on hacking.




3 WCS allow you to remove a faction scram of warp.

Alas the Heron only has 2 low slots and probably should consider using one of them for a damage control or power diagnostic unit :slightly_smiling_face:

Seriously, there are 2600 wormholes - most of them are empty most of the time. I suspect OP is scanning for wormholes in a densely populated area and is falling prey to people who set traps. I would recommend moving to an unpopulated region far away from any trade hub.

yea, so you go from 1k EHP to 1.2k ehp and die in 6s instead of 5 ? (did not check the real numbers, I know they are wrong)

(1467->1885 EHP with a toon)


There is a target penalty timer after de-cloak which gives you few seconds, so you should always keep an eye on the overview and be able to escape, also keep the sound on, I don’t use cloaked asteros, but warp Sabre to your location, so if you do not see it on dscan, you should be able to see/hear when it lands. And it does it really fast…

The Sabre can bubble as soon as it lands and then target you, so imo these are the hardest to escape from, WCS won’t save you, only fast reactions. If I set up a trap and put an already cloaked Sabre in the signature then you are pretty much screwed.

In my experience cloaky frigates are hardest to catch, even if I bubble the entrance wormhole you can just slow boat cloacked and exit anyway, so I’d advise you to go for one, be it Astero or the T2 versions.

My pacifier i use to catch explorers has 6 points, no explo frigate can fit enough WCS to run. Dont use WCS.

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don’t use warp core stabs as alot of hunters will fit two scramblers.

instead use either inertia stabs or nanofiber modules in your low slots. this will decrease the time it takes to get to warp.

also equip a burst jammer in one of your mid-slots. when you activate it, it has a chance to break the ganker’s lock for a moment, allowing you to get away. but only activate ONCE you’re locked, but not before.

ec-300 drones also have a chance to jam your ganker, stopping them from locking you.

There was a disco proteus.

decloak, blast them off, re-cloak. No need to lock to tackle, deploy drones, or shoot. Just need seconds from uncloack to re-cloak. Could kill the pod too.

Gets nerfed, but might still doable with other ship.

My advice:

Invest in a cloak yourself and only uncloack as you’re about to hack. So what you do is uncloack 3000m away from any collidable object or can but within hack range of can and aligned to your warp off.

As soon as you see anything on overview or within 2 au on dscan hit cloack button plus warp off. To start with you can set destinations and if you ctrl +s you will intiate autopilot to your destination. I cant remmeber if you can set destos to structures/celestials in WH so this might not be applicable.

But essentialy if somebody is cloacked and camping a certain can at site as soon as you come within range they will bump you/scram you and blow you up. Unless you can fight back its going to be a loss. Get a replacement and get back out there.

One thing you can do is see if there any wrecks in space or any structures in the system which would suggest useage. And might want to go to somewhere that looks more deserted. But at the end of the day its only a T1 explo frigate so maybe factor that into your risk apetite and just accept losses will happen.

As newbie without cloak there is not much you can do to avoid being attacked in wormhole space.

You can however avoid losing much ISK each time you die (which inevitably will happen, so be prepared):

  1. Make your ship cheap to lose. Don’t put expensive modules on your ship. T2 if you can use it is fine, but check if there are cheap meta modules you could use instead. Your explorer frigate should be at most a few million ISK
  2. Bring a container for the loot. Each time you find a new sig, put that container down at a safe spot in space, store your loot and bookmark the container. In case there’s a cloaky in the site waiting for you, you won’t lose your loot as you can grab a new ship and fly back to it. In case there’s no cloaky you can grab the new loot, add it to the old loot and continue
  3. Be prepared to warp off immediately when you see someone decloak next to you. That means be on your toes and have a ship that has a low align time.

Common enemies:

  • Cloaky Astero. Has lock delay from cloak
  • Cloaky Bomber. Has no lock delay, thin as paper
  • Cloaky Interdictor. Needs no lock to catch you, because he bubbles you
  • (Cloaky smartbomb (like said above). Needs no lock.)

The Astero is countered by warping off in time. The Bomber can be countered with a combat-capable explorer (Astero, battle-Heron fit), the Interdictor can be countered with an exploration Interceptor (requires high exploration skills) and I’m not sure about the smartbomber.

If it feels like rock paper scissors, that’s because it is. The hunter often won’t know what their prey is (unless they live in system and can reship) and neither will you know what the hunter is flying. Sometimes you’re lucky and sometimes you’ll lose your ship. That’s why it’s good to mitigate your ISK losses in that case, because protection will only get you so far, you’ll explode inevitably.

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