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Okay, so it seems like OP is trying to say that they have language issues. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he can’t understand complex topics, or even that he can’t understand what other people are saying. In fact, it’s possible for someone to have extreme difficulty generating language, while being able to understand others just fine.

Not exactly sure what OP’s situation is, but hopefully that helps explain what’s going on.

Now, the question is, what is OP’s question? Obviously, it has something to do with wormholes. Maybe he’s looking to get into day tripping, or wants to try to live in one.

Perhaps someone who knows more would be willing to share some general information, and then answer any specific questions that OP might ask.



Oh, and here are a couple of links that you might find helpful.


I am glad to see you are still able to play Eve after the stroke.

If it is difficult to describe - is it possible for you to take a picture of the thing you want help with? (PrintScreen key on keyboard takes a screenshot in Eve)

Would it be helpful if we used numbers to list different questions about wormholes? And you can pick which one is your question. Then people can help answer it.

I know very little about wormholes, so I will just give the first few easy questions as an example.

1 . What are wormholes?

2 . How do I find wormholes?

3 . What can I do in wormholes?

4 . I’m stuck. How do I get out of a wormhole?

5 . The wormhole disappeared, why?

6 . I tried to jump through a wormhole and it won’t let me, why?

  1. Wormholes are a connection between two systems. They can connect any two systems, regardless of the distance between them, and so they function as shortcuts across space. The majority of wormholes link to Wormhole Space, also known as Anoikis, w-space and j-space, a cluster of about 2000 systems that can’t be reached via stargates.
  2. You can find wormholes using the core Probe Launcher and scanning for anomalies.
  3. Exploration sites, PvE against the Sleepers (elite rats that spawn in wormholes), gas cloud mining. These things are more lucrative than in non-wormhole space (known space or k-space), but also more dangerous.
  4. You need to use your scanner to find a new wormhole leading out of the system.
  5. Wormholes have a limited lifespan - if the colourful, wispy cloud strands around the wormhole are faded and washed out, it means that there is less than four hours until the wormhole collapses. Wormholes also have a total mass limit across their lifetime - once they’ve transmitted a certain total amount of mass, they collapse.
  6. One of two reasons.
    1. Wormholes are limited in how big a ship they will let through them, so your ship might be too big. You can check the colour of the wispy cloud bits around the wormhole to see how big of a ship it will let through - royal blue means frigates and destroyers only, teal means industrials, cruisers and battlecruisers can go through, grey means any subcapital ship can pass through, and amber means any ship except Titans and Supercarriers can pass through.
    2. When you jump through a wormhole, you get a five minute polarization timer, which prevents you from jumping through that wormhole in that direction until the timer runs out. You can still jump through it in the other direction, but then you will get a polarization timer for that direction too.

2 . How do I find wormholes?

Wormholes are found usually by scanning, which can be done in a Frigate with a scan probe launcher.

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First step is to get a frigate that gives you a bonus for probes. (You can use any other ship, but it will go a lot easier if you use one with probe/scanning bonuses)

Good starting point is Tech 1 ships:
Choose one you like - or the one you have the best skills for.

There are small differences between the 4 ships. But don’t worry too much about it. In the beginning you can use any one of them - later if you specialize you can see which one you like best.

Amarr Magnate
Scan Magnate

Caldari Heron
Scan Heron

Gallente Imicus
Scan Imicus

Minmatar Probe
Scan Probe


Get 1 x " Core Probe Launcher I "
It looks like this:
Probe launcher

Put it on a high slot of your ship.
Launcher Fitted

Get 16 x " Core Scanner Probe I "
Put them in your cargo.
Looks like this:
Probe Core


Hehe. Sorry for the mistake Kaizen. I meant to reply to the opening poster. :slight_smile:


To find wormholes you must use the probes to scan Cosmic Signatures.

Undock and open the Probe Window. (Shortcut on keyboard Alt+P)

The red ones are what you want to scan.
They can be relic sites, data sites, or wormholes.

I can’t show the steps with pictures. I will link video tutorials.

I must also mention: If you find a wormhole make sure you understand how they work BEFORE you go in. There are different typed of wormholes. If you jump to J-space there is no Concord inside. People can (and will) attack you if you go inside. The NPC’s are also very dangerous.

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Every once in awhile something happens that reminds me that Eve really does have the best freaking community of space nerds out there.


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