How to get started in wormholes?

I have been playing Eve on/off since 2007 and have never spent much time in Wormholes but would like to start.

I can fly pretty much any subcap ship with at least lvl4 skills… Once I scan down a hole and go in… what’s next?

Bookmark entrance hole.


Lol yes bookmark holes.

Solo ratting a thing for day trips? If so what should I bring?

Cheap fast ships are better than expensive slow ships. If you want to make ISK, exploration and gas mining in frigates is a viable way, so losses are no problem. If you want to chase other players, T3 cruisers are frequently the weapon of choice, but that’s kind of an investment.
An Astero with covert ops cloak to travel cloaked and scan down sigs quickly is always a good start for not so new players.

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How to get started in wormholes?

Be polite, say hi to the locals. :wink:

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Or join a corp that functions and lives in a wh. If you are just doing daily dips, expect to loose ships as well doing it. Many locals dont like unknown people in their hole. :upside_down_face:

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Both of these ^^ really, go in, get blown up, talk to the people who blew you up. Be a good sport, be nice, and ask if they’re recruiting. That way you know for certain you find people in your timezone, who frequent the types of WH you frequent, and who are more skilled than you (as they managed to blow you up) so can possibly teach you something.


I am not clear what it means to ‘live in a WH’. From what I have read, WHs can either be shortcuts between systems/regions or there is WH-space which is a 4th space, in addition to Null/Low/High. So I presume that living in a WH refers to WH-space but aren’t the entrances/exits to these locations unstable? Is it possible to get trapped in WH-space?

You can anchor a citadel in a wormhole and live out of that. You’ll have different wormhole connections going out every day. As long as you (or a corpmate) leave a scanner alt inside, you can always find your way back in if you get locked out.

Ah, that makes sense. Thank you!

You are right, there’s two meanings of “wormhole”:

  • The wobbly space phenomena you can scan down
  • The J-space system you can reach this way

Wormholes lead to different systems: Highsec, Lowsec, Nullsec - and J-space, named after the nomenclature that all systems are named J###### (6 digits), e.g. J123456
So “living in a wh” means living on a citadel in a J-System.
Entrances are kind of unstable, but the mechanics are clear and manageable. You can get trapped, but when you self destruct, you return into a naked clone at your NPC home station, which can be a quick and convenient way of travelling btw.

Can youndo a TLDR for us?

Leave two scannwrs behind. No! Leave two! Actually, leave three!

just create and army of alts…lol

man, if it is not a joke, … i
Uriel linked you a good post, first read it, and if something seems unclear, then come back here and ask about it. Don’t expect others to do all the job for you.

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