Need Help Finding/Setting Up a Wormhole?

Hi there!

I’ve been wormholing for way too many years! But I still love it for all my sins…

Wormhole living has so much to offer - it’s like a game within a game, and gives you and your group the chance to own your own system and call it home.

I’m a PvPer but many wormholers enjoy the whole experience including running NPC sleeper sites, industry and exploration. I would like to give something back to the game, and would like to encourage more players to try the wormhole experience. If there is anyone out there who is interested in living in a wormhole or would like advice or help getting set up feel free to contact me in game.

Things to think about include:

  • What class of wormhole do I want?
  • What statics suit my game play?
  • Do I want a system effect?
  • Do I want to mine, huff gas, do sleeper sites, Pi, industry?
  • Do I want easy highsec access for convenience?
  • Perhaps nullsec access for PvP?
  • What structures and fits should I go for?

I’m happy to invest time with anyone serious about wormholes. Whether you’ve never set foot in wormhole space, want help finding that perfect system, or just need some general advice on getting set up, I’d be more than happy to help. Hit me up in game any time - I wont bite I promise :grinning:

Best of luck,

ISK Lord
CEO, Negative Density


Having helped a couple of small groups find holes via this post I’ll bump it again. The interest is obviously there. If you need advice drop me a mail in game…


Giving this post another bump, still getting interest - feel free to mail me in game, I’ll always come back to you.

are u still up for this help we are a tiny group of 6 loners but we need to rebuild back at C2 where we used to live before 3 years.

i know the absense of living in WH cost a lot but we really need to get back.

as per now we jump in and out thats all

so can u help a bit

Hey WireDrawn, contact me in game and we can jump on our discord for a chat. Happy to help.