Looking for a Wormhole Station

Hello everyone

My Corp used to live in a Wormhole with a Hisec, C3 Static…I wasnt good at mining and I’m an alpha so I cant do PI…I used to rat in C3 Wormholes and I made wealth there…lately, my corp joined a null sec alliance and sold the stations in the WHs…so I’m now somehow poor and searching for WHs in Hisec is very time consuming…also ratting in null isnt very profitable to plex my account to Omega…so I’m looking for a station in wormhole space which has a C3 and an known space exit static…so that I can continue making money…I’m not planning to join a WH Corp or soever…I’m just looking for a structure to live in and rat in its statics and make wealth…I’ll support the structure which I’ll live in with a clone bay and fuel for it…and will also protect it…so who ever can give the docking access to a WH structure with such statics so mail me in game and thanks for your time reading this :slight_smile:

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Why would anybody invite a potential spy into his home, that is going to take some of the valuable combat sites?

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Join discord and ask for entrance location for hole you chose.

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Thx for that link Lis…I really appreciate it I think this discord is gonna help me out Thanks alot :slight_smile:


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