Anyone interested in a WH's location?

I’m a noob, I don’t know how any of this works.

Flying around exploring when I get trapped in a deep unknown space wormhole. There’s a fleet of Leshak’s, a dread, three Nestors in there. They immediately start hunting me with interdiction probes and destroyers, but after 30 mins of cat-and-mouse games I escape.

There’s a way in through 2 WH jumps from hi-sec.

My corp (we’re all just newbies) says I can sell the location somehow. All the wormholes are bookmarked. I’m not sure how to sell.

So anyone interested? Maybe 100M?


Selling wormholes are a business when your client wants to move into it and live there. Usually, empty wormholes.

When you find other ships ratting in a a Wormhole, you usually form a fleet to engage or “ping” potential powerful friends/frenemies to help your group engage them.

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what does mean “what are you 10 yr old?”
is it a troll?
if it is not, asking why people shoot each other in a pvp game with space ships seems…weird

Hey, Generally people want to buy wormholes with stuff already anchored in them.

But atm im looking for entrances into C13 Wormholes, So if anyone finds any please pm me in game (Mas0ny1 P) and we can discuss from there :slight_smile:
Ill be willing to tip ya some isk


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