Anyone interested in a WH's location?

I’m a noob, I don’t know how any of this works.

Flying around exploring when I get trapped in a deep unknown space wormhole. There’s a fleet of Leshak’s, a dread, three Nestors in there. They immediately start hunting me with interdiction probes and destroyers, but after 30 mins of cat-and-mouse games I escape.

There’s a way in through 2 WH jumps from hi-sec.

My corp (we’re all just newbies) says I can sell the location somehow. All the wormholes are bookmarked. I’m not sure how to sell.

So anyone interested? Maybe 100M?


Selling wormholes are a business when your client wants to move into it and live there. Usually, empty wormholes.

When you find other ships ratting in a a Wormhole, you usually form a fleet to engage or “ping” potential powerful friends/frenemies to help your group engage them.

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