I have a location of a wormhole but no idea how to sell it

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So while reading and exploring i jumped through 6 wormholes and found one through hisec that is empty except for npc. how do i go about selling it?

(Lulu Lunette) #2

Post a new thread in Sales Ads section of these forums.

People usually want to know the J-code (name of the system) some structural information like if there’s any dead towers, if you’re the owner and why you’re selling it. Does the wormhole come with anything you own like an Astrahus or the POCO’s.

Look around at other ads for wormhole sales for an example :slight_smile:

I’ve sold two wormholes in my Eve career and both times we decided not to use third party. We broke it down into chunks, paid a third for the entrance, a third for the Astrahus, and the rest of it for the POCO’s. Some people want to work with a broker, AKA the third party.

Hope I was some help or direction for you :purple_heart:

(Lulu Lunette) #3

Oh and make sure you stay in there until you can sell it. (leave an alpha alt behind)

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