Wormholes 4 Sale!

Process of sale:
1.If serious interest join Discord https://discord.gg/TsdnDEz or EvEmail me for
more info\Jsig number.
2.Pay half of the amount for entry system/signature id’s to the wormhole.
3.Inspect the wormhole and pay second half.
I will self destruct or leave visible to you depending on my current ship.

No refunds. I really hope i wont need to explain why :wink:
I dont check them every single day, so changes may appear but will check before
any payment is done.
I have one seed so i wont scan very far from the system\EOL because if one connection
drops system is lost.
So be a little patient with the entry ID if the system doesnt have a K-space connection.
If i get killed while scanning an entry, the hole is lost.
Show up in a scanning frigate\Interceptor since it can be small connections in the chain.
I do not own any structures thats for sale in the system unless specified.

Please read and understand this before contacting me :smiley:
See ya!

UPDATED 15 December 2020

C3-LS No effect J172852
No citadels. One dead POS stick.
Planets: Lava, Barren, Barren, 4xGas, Ice

C4-C4\C5 No effect J140823
No citadels, no POS
Planets: Barren, Plasma, Oceanic, 2xStorm, 5xGas, Ice.
Note:Lot of anomalies

C3-HS Magnetar J152044
No Citadels, No POS sticks
Planets: Atorm, Lava, Temperate, 2x Gas, Oceanic, 2x Ice
Note: Good PI. Can make T4 Nano-Factory, Sterile Conduits, Wetware Mainframe

C4-C2\C4 No Effect j135908
No Citadels
Planets: Storm, 3xTemperate, 2xGas, 2xIce, Barren
Note: Pi T4 Nano-Factory

C4-C3\C5 No Effect j141425
No Citadels, No POS
Planets: Storm, 2xGas, 2xBarren
Note: Big system


Just bought a WH from these boys, fast response, easy way in, and handed over the wh as agreed. :wink: