Selling J145129 location

Hi all :wave:
As i am new to this with Selling/buying wormholes i’ll just do my very best at it.

As the title says i am selling the J145129 wormhole location. I am currently scanning it down and from what i can see there is noone living there atm. The structures in there and the Corporations that owns them are just a 3 man Corporations that you should not have a big problem to deal with if they now were to be Active in there.
Link to the wormhole and info about it: .

Thats what i know atm but there are as well a few other smaller structures that i will investigate Before a sale so i can provide all the info you might need about the hole.

As sayed before i am new to this but i’ll do my best to guide you in to the wormhole if we do any deal.
As it currently stands i can provide small amounts of information about the hole but i’ll post this regardless to make this sale visiable so that those who might be looking for this hole or anyone that wishes to live in one can buy the location from me as it stands. More info will come and detailed info can be given in a convo in-game.

Don’t Count this as bump, it’s just an update as i sayed i would write.
What structures are in there are as follows:

  • 1 singel Engineering Complex Raitaru owned by a 3 man corp.

  • 2* medium pulse laser batteries

  • 6* small pulse laser batteries

  • 2* Ion field projection batteries

  • 2* spatial distabilization batteries

  • 2* White noise generation batteries

  • 1 warp scramble battery

  • 1 energy netralizating battery
    No Tower to these batteries owned by a 82 man corp. This looks like a POS warfare drop have happend here or something the like.

  • one customs office is owned by the 3 man corp who owns the engineering complex.

  • the rest of the customs offices are owned by another 3 man corp. (prob dead corp)

No other structures have been found in the wh and therefore i would estimate that this wh is not used by anyone and currently empty of it’s residents and therefore i wish to sell it to the highest bidder.

How much would you like for it?

It’s going to be alot of work to get someone in so i take that in to account as well.
Starting bid 350mill.

Not sure how much holes are worth.

Would you want to let me in to help kill that raitaru and split the profits?

It’s a little tempting but i’ll say no for now. If i change my mind i’ll Contact you.

Cool, raitarus in wormholes drop everything stored in them. They also salvage for quite a bit. I’d be more than happy to try and kill it. Though depending on the timers I don’t know if I can make it.

You can go use a hacking module on it to find out when it’s timers are. Post here and I’ll tell you if I can even help.

Would 20 or so polarized phantasms be enough. I ask as there are some marauders in there I would like. I just want the marauders and 200 mill and you can keep the hole aswell.

Like two polarized oracle’s are enough to kill it

Moderator Close this thread plz.
The wormhole were active and inhabited by the corporations mentioned. I got killed in that wh so i am No longer able to provide my services.

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I will add you so if i come back and across another structure that we can benefitt from.

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