(Narcissist X) #1

8 planet system. Very Good PI. All requirements for fuel blocks and can make Nano-Factory, Organic Mortar Applicators and Wetware Mainframes.

Comes with 1-Fortizar, 1-Astrahus, and 8-Pocos. Citadels are fit with mods, fighters and ammo included. Citadels are full powered and 1 month of fuel included.

No dead sticks or abandoned citadels. I have lived here for over 3 years, it’s a fairly quiet wormhole, even with the hi-sec static.

Contact in game through mail. I will respond pretty quick with the Eve app if not in-game.

Asking 14 billion, price is negotiable.

(Basil Matori) #2

In-Game mail about the hole; From ZkillBoard it looks like you guys are under an eviction attempt…

(Narcissist X) #3

There was a failed eviction attempt. Citadels are 100% repaired. Attacking corp has vacated the wh.

(Narcissist X) #4

This WH is still for sale.

(Narcissist X) #5

This WH is still for sale.

(Narcissist X) #6

This WH is still for sale.

(Narcissist X) #7

Asking price is 14 bil. Please send an in game mail if interested.

(Narcissist X) #8

WH is still for sale. Asking 14 bil.

(Kurvorao) #9

Got any caps in the whole

(Kurvorao) #10

Will offer 10 b

(Narcissist X) #11

Kurvorao, I sent an in game mail, please respond.

(Kurvorao) #12

Sent mail

(Narcissist X) #13

Kurvorao, I sent the information you requested in game.

(Kurvorao) #14

WIll complet the sale tomorrow

(Narcissist X) #15

Ok I will be online when you get online. Send me a convo or mail in game when you’re ready.

(Narcissist X) #16

This WH is sold

(system) #17

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