8 planet system. Very Good PI. All requirements for fuel blocks and can make Nano-Factory, Organic Mortar Applicators and Wetware Mainframes.

Comes with 1-Fortizar, 1-Astrahus, and 8-Pocos. Citadels are fit with mods, fighters and ammo included. Citadels are full powered and 1 month of fuel included.

No dead sticks or abandoned citadels. I have lived here for over 3 years, it’s a fairly quiet wormhole, even with the hi-sec static.

Contact in game through mail. I will respond pretty quick with the Eve app if not in-game.

Asking 14 billion, price is negotiable.

In-Game mail about the hole; From ZkillBoard it looks like you guys are under an eviction attempt…

There was a failed eviction attempt. Citadels are 100% repaired. Attacking corp has vacated the wh.

This WH is still for sale.

This WH is still for sale.

This WH is still for sale.

Asking price is 14 bil. Please send an in game mail if interested.

WH is still for sale. Asking 14 bil.

Got any caps in the whole

Will offer 10 b

Kurvorao, I sent an in game mail, please respond.

Sent mail

Kurvorao, I sent the information you requested in game.

WIll complet the sale tomorrow

Ok I will be online when you get online. Send me a convo or mail in game when you’re ready.

This WH is sold

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