What are the rigs and fittings?


THis is Astrahus

this is athanor:

So 2.6B in structures and 1.6B in fuel so 4.2B total?
Can I get an anoik?

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u get the Cap parts for an Orca worth around 500 mil as bonus.

Why are you trying to sell it? It seems like you’d be walking away with less than what it’s worth.


cause our corp go to another corp and join a new hole so we dont need it anymore, and so we try to sell it on this way, to get a part of the ISK back :slight_smile:

atm our HS Static is close to jita

get your new home fast before a other corp buy it :slight_smile:

grab your new home fast :slight_smile:

get your home while its hot :slight_smile:

Still selling this quiet Wormhole

Get your new home now

still for sale :slight_smile:

Send mensagem in game with more infos.
WH name, structures etc.

sended Message, No Response, all asked Informations are answered in this post too.

so the WH is still for sale!

Still for sale

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