Sold please Lock

Selling a C1 WH with Fit astrahaus with 57k fuel blocks and the following additions totaling around 3b
Scanning Ships x8-10 I think i have spares on my alts 40m
6 Epithals
1 Iteron 5
Parts and bpc to build an orca 1.75b
PI I am not going to move out 986m
Cheap Poco Bashers 35m x5

totaling around 6.251b

Willing to sell all this for 4b
WH details available upon request

join iiar pub in game to chat


Whats the static?


bump to the top

Bumpity bump still looking for someone to control my hole

bump looking for a new daddy for mah hole

What’s the Jnumber?

Good question

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Widow77 are you guys still in the same wh or you left it ??
Mail me if you looking to get out of that wh and move to a better 1


Bump and edit J# now in title

No we are looking to leave wspace

bump my hole still needs filling

come live in my hole still for sale

up for sale still make an offer i need gone

I’ll offer 1B

offer declined

bump to the top nice hole waiting for you to come in and enjoy

still up for sale

■■■■ off orlav