Sold please remove

Wh for sale C3 w/ LowSec Static
Ingame Channel: Okre’e Empourium

POCO 0% tax build up to P4
Structures already in place
Multiple Scanning Frigates
Several months of fuel for Structures

Send mail for offers
Starting @ 15b
Buyout open ?
Fittings for structures will be shared on deposit of half of purchase price, no 3rd parties.

I’m intrested contact me ingame

mail sent

bumpity bump


still for sale ezpz money to be made


to the top, come enjoy this pristine hole already equipped with what you need to get rolling in the isk.

looking for a new owner come n see

Bumpitt bump taking a dump

bump bump

45 bil start bid ??
No 3rd parties ??
No Jsig so we can look at the wh stats ??
Wont give out fittings until half is paid ??
Unless you have like a ton structures in there i call SCAM

I’m guessing you don’t comprehend, the post states it has tons of structures. Being that I’ve been approached by known big wh entity alts trying to get into and information of the hole. Yea precautions are pretty standard.

So what are the structures ? Nobody in there right mind will buy a wh without more info. Jsig and at least structure types. PM me if ya want to keep it on the quiet side. But if ya can let me know a bit more i may be interested but not for 45bil without 3rd party or more info


fort azbel multiple athanors all fit and functioning. for third parties the dudes i knew of seem to no longer be in eve, ive been looking for a credible one

wh still looking to be filled by caring tenants

new home for indy corp looking to make decent money with little effort

looking for buyers nice hole easily defended, make an easy 1b per week per PI toon plus extras from sites, moons and ganks n spanks


More home for the homeless