Sold Please Delete

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Daily bump

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WTT Avatar?

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No thanks.

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Daily Bump

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contract to me pls

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Will be online in 4 hours and will do so then.

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contract on char Balagorn pls

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OK will do - hull, rigs and travel only right? No interest in any DD’s, bridges or guns or anything?

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yes trevel with rigs 65b yes?

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Yep that’s right.

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i’m wait

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I won’t be online (in game) until 5.30 - 6.00pm eve time

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Will you be there soon?

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about 3 hours

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I did mention this a couple of times! As soon as I get online I will contract it to you :slight_smile:

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Contract is up

If you want any fittings let me know as I will be selling them in jita in a weeks time. They are all in Maila at the moment

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