6.2m sp scanning alt

in jita

positive isk balance.

astrometrics 5
hacking and archeology 4

remap to intelligence and memory +4 implants in both attributes
4.0 billion isk minimum bid




4.5m bid

am i bumping my post too much

i might take your offer if i cant find anyhting else


4.5m or 4.5b?

10mil bid

50m bid

55m bid

75m bid

Bump and also i meant 4billion not 4million



can i haggle with you that seems to me kind of low

leme think about it. what times will u be on tomorrow. i should be able to catch u by then causei have no job.

do you want to sell this char in 3.5B? i am online~

i do wanna sell him for 3.5bisk. okay cool beans if you’re on now its 14.37 in eve time