bump. is this too many?

Yes ypu only can bump one daily.

Nice char.

I am interested in him but meed sell a miner first (similar points). What are u asking for ?

see your ingame mail for reply as I want to avoid bumping this as much as possible.

did you change your mind

As i say you in mail, you char look interesting. I am waiting to sel ltother chars and then i will have money to purchase to you.

I ask you if you interested in other pilots, because i have other pilotos of 7m not in the market, and you say isk.

You send me MANY eve mails asking confirmation of the transfer and i say you CLEARLY i am waiting some of my characters sell to can Purchase to you.

@Ethan_One Maybe you are interested in this :


Zero history, miner and interceptor. Send me an evemail if interested.


Mail sent.

I sent an offer to OP too.

Offer accepted of 4.93b by OP, isk and account sent.

k just paid the fee

CCP Mail of Character transfer received, thank you.

Pilot Received.

Jane, i dont understand your Evemail, can please clarify ?

I go to erase this char to make a space for a transfer, if you are interested in sell contact me in the future as @operator_21

Sorry English is my second language. I want to sell this character but my account was renewed for a month but I did not cancel it on time. In order not to be left with zeros, I took her out and set her to learn the same thing that took her away in the first place, so after the month she must be more or less the same as she was when you saw her.

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