Selling class 2 Wormhole, completetly empty

Selling a Class2 wormhole, 100% empty of pos and citadels.

J162159 is the system name.

700M is my asking price, but will consider offers please contact me in game, ive sold wormholes about 6 times now so i can be trusted i know thats hard to believe in this game lol. Once i receive payment i will scan down the exit for you and escort you in. I would take the system for myself, but im looking for one with a low sector exit. So i decided to sell this one since it has nothing in it. Doesnt even have planet stations. So im fairly certain its been empty for awhile. Id even be willing to help protect you if you plan to setup a Citadel its up to you

Contact me in game, send a email if im not online i have the eve app on my phone so i will get notified if you email me and i will log on asap if i can

price drop to 500m. Im not sitting in this empty system forever… Ill be here for 24 hrs more… let me know

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