Selling wormholes?

Is this kind of a scam?

I do have questions though.

If statics exist, and go to high sec, then there’s only a finite number of them. How are they not already completely mapped and known and available to anyone wanting to look them up? Am I missing something about statics?

Is selling a wormhole “lucrative”? or complete garbage?

Is there a market for selling deeper (further away by static jumps) wormhole paths?

A wormhole with a static, for instance high sec, spawns in completly random high sec systems each time.

Wormholes do get mapped, but as the wormholes only last a finate amount of time, the map is constantly changing.

A wormhole with a static highsec leading to perimeter today, could have a connection to rens tomorrow.

Thanks Fung_Ku, but I figured out it will always map somewhere into HighSec.

So basically a seller might just toon a wormhole with a highsec static, then tell a buyer which location the highsec static enters highsec at the time of the sale so they can jump in?

I want to add to this, how is this not HIGHLY contested ALL THE TIME?

Wouldn’t such limited wormholes be the most contested space in Eve?

Are they that hard to find/keep-track of?

That’s correct. Selling wormholes can be lucrative, however it isn’t so common you would find a wormhole for sale which still has another corporations assets (such as citadels) in. Therefore, finding an empty wormhole, without inhabitants, and the other aspects a buyer is looking for such as planets, moons, and the static can be few and far between.

I have lived in many wormholes myself, only ever “purchased” a wormhole once. The rest I’ve found with a few hours of exploring.

What about just selling the info for war-planners to invade and take an inhabited wormhole?

If a Corp or player is looking to structure bash, they will more than likely find there target themselves. Imo, much safer the fewer people who know about an invasion.

K. Sads! It sounds fun to provide advanced wormhole mapping services and scouting for attacking targets lol.

You can roll out your wh static and roll right back into that same system on any number of the next rolls…

I have rolled into the same system not once, twice, or three times, but more than four times on one operation. Though it wasn’t always in succession. I think we rolled the target wh and got a new system, then the next one was that first target, and we got that again, then after two more rolls again…

IT was kinda annoying actually and I thought my clients were bugged so I actualyl made a bug report, with that CCP responded saying that yes the roll is random but you can roll into the same system again and again.

You can get an alt in Eve Scout… if you want to see the massive chain… They tend to a huge map and deal with Thera as well… I have an alt in there and a few other corps, with the intention to grab the intel I need for operations. Its really handy actually.

We make our own map from a series of maps… if that helps ya

Years ago I used to find unoccupied WHs with good stats (PI, etc) and sell them to other players thru a 3rd party corp. Years ago Taggart corp was (still is?) a 3rd party that mediated WH sales. and was trusted. For a fee, Taggart would hold the WH buyer’s ISK while the seller would give the bookmark for the WH entrance in K space. I’d get between 200m and 400m per hole sale - saves corps time by having the exact class, type, stats that the buying corp is looking for. I loved leading people to their shiny new home :slight_smile: If you are selling directly… be wary of scams… and for opportunities to scam, if that’s your thing.

As long as you using the trusty escrow, it wont be a scam.

Carefull for some dreads/carriers left in the hole tho.

If you want to be a seller, you need to prepare certain package. Simply an entrance, just some citadel, or complete with POCOs.

About static, just read EVEuni. I’ll try to give some metaphor

Imagine a car with a door. Your hole is the car, your static is the car door. If someone says a system with Highsec static, meaning, when you open that door from inside of your car, it will always end up on a random Highsec. Open the door again in the next day, the car will be on different place and the door it will be landed in another random HS. You can find different cars with different door static. There is HS, LS, NS, C1-C6 statics. All high class car have door that only landed in another car.

A car can have one, two, or maybe more(in shattered WH). The door have variety size, medium until battlecruiser, larger freighter size, and the largest capital size.

Those door also have expiring timer. 16 hours or 24 hours and it will be gone and another door will spawn.

There is also the mass. Meaning, the amount of stuff you need to inserted to forcefully closed the door. So you could have fun inside your car without a way people get in and screw you.

There is also wandering door, or another car door that landed into your car.

If scouting for target is your thing, you can use a car with Nullsec static and keep rolling the door until you get a system with nice AFK rorq or VNI.

The closest wormhole mapping stuff are eve scout. its the site where you can find where is the Thera door is currently at.

The best way to hunt or locate certain car is Wingspan. Just ask them a certain J-XXXXXX number, they gonna reach you an access to it.

Been doing it for years, sold over 30 holes, and no it is not a scam.

If you want a specific type of hole (certain class, static(s), PI, effects) you may find that those are often already occcupied. As mercs we often have requests to find or help secure new systems for clients. Sometimes perfect PI is the thing, other times it’s something unique like an effect or even how pretty the sun is! You’d be surprised :grin:

If you do decide to buy a hole from someone I’d use a trusted 3rd party to broker the deal. If you can afford it, always good to get a first structure into the bargain and also the customs offices transferred (if you can) as these are a pain to grind.

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