C3: Nullsec Static: for Sale

I am selling http://anoik.is/systems/J153858

This Wormhole I want to sell to a PVPer who wants to use the Nullsec Static to roam nullsec.
I do not want to let this Wormhole become occupied by some random bears or null alts.

If you are from a PVP group or are a PVP individual who wants to operate a structure, I will sell this wormhole to you. Buy price is 1bil (super cheap). This is mostly about not letting this C3 NS static go to waste under some bears or null proxies. And my campaign to rid WH space of bears and fill NS static wormholes with PVPers who will harass nullsec bears and fight the good fight.

Mail me ingame to purchase: I expect no posts here: if you post here your a bad and ill ignore all messages from you for being a bad.

The WH is great as a PVP staging point as it is also all within Dscan range from the sun meaning it is an easy Wormhole to combat scan within, when any bears or explorers stumble in that you want to exterminate.

I have kept this Wormhole clear of activity, removing 2 structures placed without purchasing. However I have plans to stage somewhere else so I dont need this WH and want to move my characters out ASAP.

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