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Hi all,
This is a quick buy you have to do if you are interested in this location before the wormhole closes.
I will sell the location of the wh for a 40 mill or just a gas cloud harvesting skillbook + 1 mill.
The might be habited. All customs offices are up in the wh and a few towers from what I know.
Can as well sell you 2 sites of gas locations and a data location if you wish to do them right away when you enter. 2 of them are guarded and one is not. The one that is not guarded is one gas site.
Sale have to be made less then 4 hours from now.

mmmmm… i thought that “selling a wh” meant selling the entrance to a wh system with all citadels etc anchored inside, to a corp (or a solo guy…) who would want to live there
you sell a wh entrance and localisation of 3 scanned sites in the system inside?
whereas everybody can scan a few systems to find a wh, without paying anything? and scan the sites inside? i mean, there are whs everywhere…
am i wrong?

You are very correct. I might have chosen the wrong title but it’s still worth something :wink:

Selling an entrance to a WH that has gas/data sites isn’t worth anything.

Selling an entrance to a WH that doesn’t have any citadels or active POS’s might be worth something depending on the effect, number and type of planets, but you’d have to be able to provide an entrance for longer than 4 hours.

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