Selling WH sites (GONE)

Selling 3 sleeper WH sites i cant run. worth possibly 874.2 mil total. please message me ingame if interested

I admire your industry and initiative.

However, what you’re trying to sell isn’t particularly difficult to find.

Might i suggest you find yourself a wormhole group to join?

You appear to be keen and looking to find your way in New Eden. I encourage you to stick with the game and learn its many intricacies.

Finding a Corp that aligns with your goals is key to long term enjoyment of this game.

have a corp just trying to gain more isk thats alittle more steady than what else the game has. i stay in WH and null normally. i sell the harder site too but my services are more aimed at the “newer” players that cant scan great or cant find the amount of sites they want/need and also to the busy players that just dont have the time to scan multiple WH/systems in hope to find what they are looking for.

anyways thank you for the info you provided as well

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