Price Check on Wormhole

Hello! Quite a newbie here.

I found an empty wormhole and googled a bit and I learned it has a desirable anomaly.
If you have any tips on selling or other relevant info I should provide I would be happy.

Some stats:
Class: 3
Anomaly: Pulsar
Static WHs: U210 (LS)
Planets: 8 (8 POCOs 1% tax)
Moons: 20
only POS are 2 mobile depots / no Force Fields

Is there any POCO (customs offices at planets) installed / who’s are they?

What is the J****** code for the system (top left of screen)?

Are there any offline POS towers at any of the moons / are there any online POS towers (look for FORCE FIELD on dscan)?

Are there any citadels in space (note they will not always show on the overview, you must manually check the system with Dscan)?

If you don’t want to provide any of that info here, feel free to mail me personally. I’m home from work in about 2hrs.

there are 8 POCOs owned by G Squared - dont know what that means.


no Force Fields or towers on Dscan

the only structures are 2 mobile depots

G Squared own the customs offices which means they can apply a tax to all materials that come off the planet surface. If someone wants to live in the WH, the owner of the POCO’s is important since the owner will be wanting to either have the ownership transfered, or destroy the existing POCO and instal their own.

If you’re online in couple hrs i’ll get hold of you in game.

alright. All the POCOS have only 1% tax.
I’ll be online again at 0:00 CET so in 2hrs

this is still unanswered. Didn’t hear from the last guy yesterday

I did convo you at the stated time and was instructed you were currently offline :stuck_out_tongue:

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