C2 Pulsar with Highsec/C3 static.

it is a clean wormhole without any citadels or forcefields.

Price, and which system is it so i can check PI

ingame mail sent.

Can you send to me too please?

What’s the Jnumber?
Can you send me some screencaps of dscan and the overview?
Who owns the POCOs?
How wide is the system?

Will do when i am back home tomorrow at around 14.00ET

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Full Dscan from middle of the system

Full Dscan from Planet VIII

Full Dscan from Planet VII

Additional system Information:
J-Code: J142533
System Effect: Pulsar
Planets: 8
Moons: 75

Citadels: none
Forcefields: none
Dead Stick: 1

Customs Office:
Corporation: The Pack
Tax Rate: 0.0%

My original offer still stands =)

if there are no other takers by todays evening, i will accept your offer.

Auction will end at 22.00ET

offer accepted.

Contact me ingame with your time window that fits most for you for moving/scouting in.

This wormhole has been sold.

Thanks for the deal o7

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