WTS C3 J space system with static HiSec (OFF THE MARKET)


This expansive system featuring 11 planets and 39 moons is the Planetary Interaction technicians dream. This is the system that can offer the full spectrum of PI materials. Also, features a D845 for that quick exit into High Security space.

System info:
POCO’s are affiliated with 3rd party with a 10% tax (not part of sale)
3-4 offline/anchored POS’s with arrays (make some side isk by clearing and selling)

Asking price $1.5b, this system is priced to move. Get it while it’s available.

Send Eve mail with serious inquiries.

Send Eve mail for serious inquiries.

Still looking for buyer.

This system still available. Contact via in game mail.

System still available for purchase.

sent ingame mail, posting here for record keeping

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+1 good seller, as advertised

The “3rd party” ask for 1b ISK more for live in J101354.
The “3rd Party” live in the wormhole. Please take this in your note.
+1 good seller, scam and bring content to our home

The 3rd Party

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