WTS C1 WH with LS Static , Structures included in Sale

I want to sell a C1 wormhole with a LS static connection

The WH comes with :

  • 1 Fitted Astrahus , including a clonebay and 4 months worth of Fuel
  • 1 Raitaru fitted , with a reprocessing facility and a reprocessing Rig , also 4 months of fuel
  • 1 Rolling Nestor
  • a load of minerals , to get you started

the POCO’s belong to a dead corp , but are currently set to 2%
a good variety of moons to make Fuel and some T4 PI

price lowered : 1B ISK

Hi, what effect does the wormhole have ? Ty

there is no effect in the WH

Hi. Are you online for a chat in game?


Price lowered.
Good Hole for a WH starter

Hi, I’m not online right now but I’m interested. Il mail you ingame tonight around DT. ( I am Aus TZ ).

Hey, could you msg me in game if you get this msg because im not at my computer but I can reply Via the App and have a chat. Ty :slight_smile:

bump , still for sale

What is the j-code of the system? Im interested but need to see the details.

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