Free wormhole setup or free loot

So my corp moved onward to an alliance wormhole and I have our old corps wormhole that has a Rait and Anth in it that I initially was trying to sell. It seems that nobody was interested in buying it so now it has been attacked just today and would like to offer the content to those who may be interested in either finishing off the structures to get the loot or saving them and then they will be transferred to your corp once they are able to repair.

The choice is yours and there is no strings attached here, I myself was pretty fond of this wormhole for it’s a Class 4 wormhole with a Class 3 and Class 2 static which is pretty great for content and finding a High Sec daily to go sell the things you do within the wormhole chains. The C4 wormhole here also has customs towers that are up from the previous dwellers that are set to 0% tax.

The point of this post is to have someone actually wanting to use the wormhole in the future and have a potential of making a corp billions of Isk! Feel free to send me a message today and I will get you the entrance to it.

Is a public shared folder up called: Free Wormhole Content for the entrance to the wormhole for those who are interested.

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