J Space Hermits?

I was doing the WH (wormhole) thing with AIR careers gives you free peanuts for scanning WH’s. I double dip the WH by jumping through and scanning the other side from J Space.

While I was in there, I saw a player base and thought nothing of it. Now the more I think about it, is the player living in his own pocket universe? Are they mining the ore and fighting the NPCs in there? That’s crazy insane. If you lost ships, you would need to rebuild arms and ammo. If you say, they wait for a WH to open and jump out to low sec and go shopping. What happens should the WH collapse while they are shopping? Locked out of their happy home. Whoever it was, I hope they lead a quiet existence away from the rest of our chaos.

Any other thoughts or possible motives here?

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Probably has an alt to scan down and roll a proper hisec connection or route to where his shopping alt is.

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J space is a lot of things, what it is not is a quiet peaceful existence. I lived solo in both citadels and a POS is C1,2, and 3 space. It’s takes multiple characters and a decent understanding of WH mechanics but yes, it’s is nice kind of claiming your own section of eve and defending it the best you can.

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To quote someone: “CCP designed J space to be inhospitable and scary, but then players said ‘Nice loot, let’s live here like it’s space Australia’”.


Plenty of good reasons to live in a wormhole.


Primary motive is, decent income, decent range of things to do, not as busily travelled as regular space. Plus, spending a little time learning the ins and outs of WH life gives you some advantage over all the people who’ve never looked inside the event horizon.


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some years ago i lived in a shattered wormhole. i had 3 characters parked in there. one was in a cheap battlecruiser to run combat sites, another was an ice miner & hacker, and the third one was a mule in an industrial transport to store loot and ammo. it was pretty cool.

if you like this sort of lifestyle, then shattered wormholes are ideal. sites spawn more frequently than normal wormhole systems, and no-one can build any structures in them, so they’re technically “unclaimable”. the only caveat is that they tend to have more wormhole connections as well, so you’ll probably see more people travelling through. but if you fly cheap, you should come out with a decent profit.


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After reading this on the wiki link you posted;
The clone bay in a citadel allows you to store one jump clone and switch to and from that clone without triggering a cooldown.

I could see the benefit now. Having a jump clone posted at the WH station, would be like keys to your apartment. You would always be able to get access to the J Space. While there I snagged some arkonor, bistot, and gneiss. That is, until some NPCs stopped me. The loads seem to fetch a good price, add gas to it and you are living inside your gold mine.

To my understanding, one would need 1 billion ISK to build a simple station there. Install a jump clone in order to live there, mine, and fight NPCs. Whenever a good WH leads back to normal space you dump your inventory and sell it. Return to the WH (if it exists) or jump back to station. Sounds like a challenge and a nice way to make a profit in your corporation.

Fly Safe o7

You cannot jump into wormholes using jump clones though, that clone bay is only to switch implant sets locally.

The ‘keys’ to your wormhole, as I understood from the people who live there, is to have a character with scanning probes inside the hole at all times. A friend or an alt, any character that is able to scan out a wormhole chain to the rest of the universe.

Scanning your way in to a particular wormhole can take ages, but scanning your way out is a lot easier, especially if the hole has a static exit to non-wh space.

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read the link provided above, and also Living in Wormhole Space - EVE University Wiki
no you cannot jumpclone to a citadel in a wh (except Thera, but you have probably not heard about Thera yet)
there are entire corps that live in whs, earn isks, evict other corps from their wh, jump into normal space every day to hunt people.

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Yeah, when you board any station inside a wormhole it will not allow you to set it as home either. Which might be completely illogical, but I didn’t create the game. The wiki version makes is sound like you can use jump clones there, but it is nonsense.

If this was a logical game, you should be able to use jump clones and set the station as home port. When you die inside the wormholes you end up back at home base. If you suffered a permanent death within wormholes, then the game not allowing jump clones and setting it to home would make perfect sense. The players wouldn’t care much for having to biomass a 5 million skill point character, but it would be the most accurate way.

It’s really not that hard. WH’s are also pretty quiet too, at least compared to other places outside HS.

Lots of good money to be made, billion isk per month setups aren’t that hard to make from PI planets have resources like the nullsec ones but few people farming them so easy to get full production. Ore and Gas, and sites are all extremely lucrative.

It takes work but it is still pretty easy to bring goods to market too, just wait every few days till you get a High near Jita dump your loot in that system and have a neutral trader alt pick it up and sell it.

the thing is that every advantage has to be balanced with drawback.
Wh life is very rewarding, wormholers can earn billions per day, so there is the need for some drawbacks. Not being able to jc back to the wh is one of them
You get killed? you cannot reship and come back

I’ve spent most of my EVE Life involved in wormhole living.
First things first: WH life is much, MUCH easier with a decent corp. Solo WH living is seriously hard. Second: ALWAYS, and I do mean ALWAYS, have a backup prober logged off in your home hole. It can be a throwaway Alpha account in a Heron. But always have some kind of prober available for when you inevitably get rolled out. Getting rolled out is a simple fact of life in WH space. It WILL happen to you sooner or later. Third: keep assets in the hole to a comfortable minimum. Haul out your loot on a regular basis. Treat any and all assets in the 'hole as “lost, but still usable for the moment”.
The advantage is the ability to redraw the map around you. Have a connection you don’t like or is dull? Simply roll your static(s?) and go again until you get the connections you like or need for whatever task you need to complete.
The downsides are you need to spend considerable time scanning down and mapping signatures and connections (there are useful tools available for wh chain maps like Pathfinder and Tripwire) and you may not get lucky with the connections. Generally, we take a somewhat sanguine approach to Jita connections. When we get one, we’ll all run our DSTs and get our shopping done while the connection is there. It may be a while before getting another one.
It’s a fun way to play EVE imho.


J-space corps will have dedicated members or alts to scan down wh and post the coords in corp chat or corp public locations

probing is something every corp member is expected to help out with, not just one or two people.

but yes, this is often done with alts trained up specifically for probing skills and little else.

As was mentioned, lots of people live in worm holes.

The change from POSs to Citadels made living in wormholes MUCH more comfortable! It’s now much easier to live in a WH than it ever has been, and I strongly recommend giving it a try. It’s a unique experience, and one that many people have found to enjoy.

The key additional piece of information that you need is a wormhole mapping tool, such as Tripwire or Pathfinder – the in game options for doing this are non existent.

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