What's happened to Wormholes?

12 Years - That’s how long I have lived in W-Space.

It’s what attracted me to EvE Online… That little bit of “Unexplored Space”…

Sadly, of late, it seems to have become “Forgotten”. never mind explored or not.

Are there any plans to make this area of the game worth living in again ?

I’ll never leave W-Space - for me, it’s safer than Low or Null but Hell, it’s getting quiet around here the past decade :frowning:

Anyone have insider info ?

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Preferred it when it was quieter and felt like a frontier myself.

Wonder what happened to the original ideas for it - I know 1-2 people involved with that left the company. There was supposed to be a much bigger concept for it with sites like The Mirror not just being sites to run but actually part of a larger set of events which affected all levels.

Also less players. I day trip a lot and mostly find empty C1-3s. On the weekend it can kind of pick up.

On one hand, its good for daytrippers. If CCP ever let players generate temp WHs from J-Space to K-Space into null, I think it’d be a giant game changer.

On the subject of WH’s, are they supposed to be locations else where in our galaxy? Or in a different galaxy?

I can’t remember the lore now but there was a project to map them near their introduction which discovered their relative position to k-space on the map.

WH’s were never ever meant for us to live in. We of course changed that… but some of the devs still prefer that we technically shouldn’t live inside them.

Personally think it was one of the greatest things to happen in Eve or gaming - I’m glad I got to experience from near their introduction and the initial ramp where they were still largely unknown and exciting where it took real effort and felt like an actual expedition making the first inroads into that space and setting up a living in them - where the rewards were good but the risks proportionally also great as despite being relatively sparsely populated there were just enough people around, and some of them very well setup entities, you could never let your guard down not to mention the sleepless drones being a real challenge easily capable of killing capital ships.

Also some of the best PVP I’ve experienced where fleet composition and competency mattered, every person counted, and the risk of being blobbed relatively controllable. Some real back and forth fights and people bringing imaginative setups with varying degrees of success, etc.


Well if this would be true, CCP would change it.
It takes just a single entry in the data-base like :
Astrahus Upwell Quantum : Not allowed in J-Space !

if you’d have read the rest of my post you would see that ccp has adapted it some where we have did what they didn’t intend…


They killed wh life when they added citadel

They then kicked the corps when they added cores

I think… um…
They are inside of the same galaxy, you can see some of the nebulas from normal space in some of them off in the distance. I think the separation has something to do with how gates work. I could be wrong about all of this, but it seems to me that if gates require binary star systems (and I’ve read some stuff about that, apparently they do) then its possible that wormhole space consists of star systems that are incompatible with how gates work.

I haven’t seen this, I spend lots of time in wormholes and the only reason I don’t stay there always is there’s nowhere to go shopping and I constantly run out of stuff.
What I do not run out of is other people, there are a hell of a lot of them, and I have not once seen a single wormhole system without evidence that people are or have been people in them. To me there’s no sense of exploration anywhere in Eve and its something I noticed fairly early on. No mater where I go there are people (often trying to kill me) or the stuff they leave floating around.

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Just pretend they are aliens.

I call them the Quaygaars.


It’s a smegging garbage pod!


Yeah. One big WH bloc decided to eliminate all other moderate to large size WH groups.

IMHO wormholes began going downhill when CCP increased the spawns at the behest of the 1337 pvpers who had razed virtually all other available content to satisfy their insatiable need for more ez kills on players that don’t want to play their way…

WHs have been too porous for too long.


You are right,
I should have argued more precisely.
I should have written:
If CCP no longer wants us to settle in J-Space, they could do it with a few simple steps, such as
Astrahus Upwell Quantum : Not allowed in J-Space !

But in the last few years half of the programmers where busy creating this super cool new color effects like The Red Dot or the “brilliant new user interface”.
And the rest are looking for ways to trick new players into bying PLEX.

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What makes you think that?

Nothing special , I can point out.
Just a bad feeling in my gut (on german : mieses Bauchgefühl)

Constatly ignoring the small (but loyal) player-base in J-Space.

  • “forgotten” to think about Fortisars in C1 (Citadell-Core was to fat to bring in),
  • rolling Holes (HIC/ Warp Disruption Field Generator- Change)
  • constatly downgrading T3C (economic backbone of J-Sapce)
  • downgrade of moonmining
  • no more Mercoxite in J-Space
  • and now an anouncement of reducing of blueloot

But as I said, its just a bad feeling I have about.

Fly dangerous & CU in the dark

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What was downgraded about the T3C? They just had a major change needed by getting rid of SP loss

Fair points. I mean I have my own opinions was just curious.

I think being forgotten about was more CCP being dumb, though Cores are evil and it was a con to say you needed them.

The HIC thing was kind of an exploit to begin with and wasnt possible in the old days so I dont miss it.

The T3C thing… Well theyve been outclassed for a while. Not so much them getting nerfed as other ships being cheaper and better. I dont agree with removing SP loss, and T2 Cruisers getting waaaay harder and more expensive to build probably will affect T3C cost too (havent checked).

Tbh I think, personally, WHs were too lucrative and this is better.

I dont disagree with you, I just have my own feelings on those points.

Thanks for explaining, though :slight_smile:

Fly Safe o7

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