What's happened to Wormholes?

Not sure the timeline on that but it has always been possible as far back as I had any awareness of it going back to a few months after wormholes were implemented. It is kind of an exploit but at the same time I think what made WHs interesting was that some mechanics don’t work quite as you might expect, but generally in a fairly predictable way if you put the thought process in, and there was room to innovate in the gameplay in interesting ways while that was mostly constrained to its own space and didn’t impact the rest of the game.

Was never a fan of the T3C changes - they were interesting ships and one of the reasons I kept coming back to the game - the only time CCP actually changed them and appeared to act on the lowest common denominator demands for changing them was when doing so either made development easier for them or to make a gap for a new ship - after all the fuss about certain T3C aspects being “bad” they only belatedly did anything about it so as to make a space for introducing the Triglavian ships which embodied several of those “bad” things cited as reasons why T3Cs needed to change…

They did need some tweaking around sub-system/bonus redundancy and rebalancing sig/resists/EHP a bit but not to the level they have. What actually needed some changing, in a positive way, was the T2 cruisers especially HACs.

WH’s are in the same galaxy as us. Just very very very very far away from any civilized space.

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I was pretty sure the module involved didnt exist then.

Are you talking about the Higgs rig? people were doing it before that. My memory is a bit hazy on specifics now.

Aye thats the one.

MWDs, plates and false mass have always been a thing though, indeed.

Lister you utter utter smeghead

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Wha? Wheres the announcement?

Please for the love of god do not go poking CCP or CSM about wormholes. We do not want them to mess them up even more than they are now.

obligatory poking at @Brisc_Rubal :smiley:

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Some Really GOOD comments Guys… REALLY Good…


So, since I posted this one, I got evicted from the hole I took by some very strange mechanic where you can haul in a T2 ship for the same mass as you can a T1 version… Meh - Not only that but Maraurder !!!

Now, as mentioned above - by some of the forum warriors - and I respect that input…

How can this help Wormhole population ?

Us wormholers have to live with the constant threat of POS CODE… Broken POS code but when you live in a C1 it’s kinda … well… Broken…

So don’t get me wrong here guys - I met one of the Best EvE players I ever met during my recent eviction, (Well, apart from when we were sieged by TEST for 24/7/week) but Hell, to organise that one over a 24 hour day for an entire week and multiple timezones - thats Dedication and I was proud to come out of the other side. And we Did too…

Seems to me tho that things are breaking faster than they are “Making” - it’s not so easy anymore to recruit people to W-Space… that’s a real shame…

Can we fix these broken mechanics ?

Please ?

Get some structure back into wormholes…


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