How can T2 Ships have the SAME MASS as T1?

Did you try hauling the stuff that it actually take to BuildIT ???

That’s some mass
right there - and you can’t do T2 in HS like you can T1…

Something is Broken and it’s not the entry level to C1 holes…

Please keep the suggestions coming guys…


Did you want to put your Ford Focus GL up against a Ford Focus ST ???

Meh - I’ll guess not… Same car tho right ?

Scorpion - Widow … Same chassis (read Hull) tho right ?

I’ll doubt anyone would enter the Focus ST championship in a standard Ford Focus…

Doesn’t seem fair to me… Is It Broken ?

What about the mass of boosters and implants? Some of those require ridiculous amounts of “stuff” to manufacture, or so I have heard.

That’s NOT to do with the Hull mass tho…

It’s insane you can haul in a Widow but not a Scorp…

It’s the 425mm Blueprint Scam all over again… Sadly…

Can we FixIT ?

I actually don’t even understand what you are complaining about.

What's happened to Wormholes? - #30 by FoxIT_Up this will help shine some light.

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T2 ships are generally slightly better in most aspects (except manufacturing cost and thus price), which logically means that they should be slightly lighter (= better) than the T1 versions.

So, I’m not too savvy on the particulars of WH life, but this looks like OP got evicted, and is now blaming “broken” mechanics instead of looking what he did wrong.

I dunno, I would think that WH’ers would be all about ships that give them a better power to mass ratio. But I guess that depends on whether you hunt in other wormholes, or just want to krab in as much safety as possible.



im so confused

what do you mean? the are the same size? do you mean the components? because one of the components for a widow is the scorpion so that can’t be it?

are you upset that you can fit a BB inside a hauler and get them into C1s? because that’s pretty intended and not broken. without that it would be near impossible to evict an entrenched C1

What are you even complaining about? Why is this a problem?

He lost in a PvP game, which means he has to find some game mechanic to blame the loss on. The alternative is that he got outplayed, which is too hard to swallow.

T2 ship mass it is.


How does one come up with ship mass as a thing to blame?

Yes, you can.

I’m not complaing at all - In fact, being totally up front here…

It was actually quite refreshing to see Maraurders kick ass in a C1 instead of Dreks or Kiki’s…

What I am saying is - that how can it be that you can haul in a Maraurder Hull at 50k BUT NOT a T1 Hull - yet the build properties of the Maruarder reqire a T1 hull and Extra…

Your reply is not the reason for this post bud - sorry if you happened to mis-read it.

I was quite happy to be evicted - the topic is, however - How can a Maraurder be transported into a C1 when it’s T1 equivalent Can’t ?

So I’m not sure what game you’re playing but both t1 and t2 BB are 50km3 repackaged.

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Justify manufacturing cost and price…

Cause you can’t be doing reactions just… Anywhere… and that kinda affect

Pretty sure I remember stuffing a Dominix into a DST, so those T1 battleships cannot be that big.

They are literally all the same size

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