Wormhole mass changes. H296

Does anyone have fresh intel on wormhole masses?

I live in C5 with C5 static. Which is H296. Before the maximum mass it could have was 3300 with +10%. Without 3000. And 2700 with -10%. It was easy rolling statics and always the same.

But nowadays I more often get holes with more than 3500. So I am confused if what numbers I should be expecting, nor I could find any information about Wormhole mass changes.

So I am asking any of you WH residents if you could share fresh info about WH mass.

Particularly in this case Capital size holes. X-Large. H296

No kinders in this chat please. Save your bs talks in old forums…

I’m having the same question regarding E545 (c2 -> ns) holes as they seem to collapse under less than 2b mass a lot more often than previous months…

yeah man, i am the king of c5/c6 space. So. my answer is NO. 3000±10%

yeah man, never roll e545 and z457 {c6-c4} they are broken

it is not!

I am seeing 3500+ mass almost every day now. is that broken too??

you are broken. don’t roll, wh with capital mwd. 3000±10%

Im far more inclined to believe youre just bad at maths

We arent seeing this at all with c4 and c5 statics. they are exactly the same mass as it has been for the past couple of years, plus/minus 10% ofc.

we had some problems aswell, it seems instead of ±10% it is now around 15%

Fetouros Kousou, capital MWD? with capital MWD you cant even go thru… 1300 is maximum allowed passage mass.

My math is right!

  1. Thanatos mwd on <-> 1270 + 1270 = 2540

  2. Megathron mwd on (higgs + 8x 1600 t.2 plates)
    <-> 350 + 350 = 700

  3. Devoter mwd on (higgs + t.2 plates)
    in 1kg, out 155kg = 156

Total ----------------------->> = 3396 (that already hits over 3300 mark)

HOLE STILL NOT CLOSED!! I have to go in and out again with Devoter to close it. +156kg…

  1. Devoter in 1kg, out 155kg = 156

TOTAL: -->> 3552

P.S. For a King… you have “nice” very Red killboard.

Soldier Forrester,

yeah it seems so its about 3500 maximum.

So its about 3043 ±15%. instead of 3000±10%. The funny thing is now its never less than 3000kg… I havent seen less than 3000kg holes in last 2 years… what I got was only and only 3300 and 3500. 100% info. I live in WH more than 5 years now. I know what I am talking about. I wouldnt just come to official forum for chit chats…

But why CCP didnt not note this anywhere in any of the patch notes? thats whats weird… Why would they just f…k over ppl like this…

well this is certainly blatantly incorrect. Even I with my, shall we say limited, play time in the past 2 years, have certainly rolled holes under 3k mass.

retard. max 1700 not 1300

PROOF MAX JUMP MASS 1758 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/171635434 2h07m35 seconds

max wh mass 3300 u are ■■■■■■■ moron retard

Next time read carefully

stop wasting our time and let the ppl who knows talk

PROOF MAX JUMP MASS 1758 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1716354342 2h07m35 seconds

u don’t belive to the king of the wh space what a retard man with carrier

you are really blind, arent you?