Wormhole Mass Calculator

Hello Everyone o/,

https://www.eve-whmass.space/ is a third-party site made by me to offer a way to perform mass calculations on wormholes. This allows you to estimate how much mass can be put through a hole, its equivalents in ship types and the like.

This can be helpful in the following scenarios:

  • Determining how many ratting ships can be put through a connection safely
  • Getting the least number of ships that can use a hole before it collapses/crits.

Website Link : https://www.eve-whmass.space/

Please feel free to use this thread to provide feedback or post bugs and suggestions.

You can contact me ingame or in discord at “Perseus#7873”.


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  • Added Wormhole Types with auto mass selection
  • Added Industrials and Haulers to Mass List
  • Made mas table sortable and added search

Upcoming changes:

  • Searchable Table with every ship and it’s mass.

Jolly good job, thanks!

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