Rolling mass for Wormholes?

As far as I am aware, this is the current situation for rolling holes:

Tool mass 3000kkg, capital limit) - 2 jumpmasses to roll - Can be oneshot with a capital
Total mass 3000kkg, BS limit) - 10 jumpmasses to roll - Needs 6 battleships to oneshot
Total mass 2000kkg, BS limit) - 6,67 jumpmasses to roll - Needs 3 battleships to oneshot, often a hic
Total mass 1000kkg, BC limit) - 50 jumpmasses to roll - Needs 25 battlecruicers to oneshot

I see several uses for a C1 hole for new players and small groups, or small scale indy operations, if their aim is to interact from the hole into k-space. It is not because they have to accept that they can’t roll the holes reliably.

Is there a reason why the lowest mass wormholes need 25 ships for rolling to controll their wormholes/static? If not I strongly suggest that you should be able to roll C1 statics with 1 battleship and 1 battlecruicer or something like that. I think it would lower the cieling for certain groups that want to explore a new plastyle.

you need to lern about WH`s because you are wrong in so many ways

I think I know enough about WH. Tell me why I am wrong.

whats wrong with this ?

To give a specific example – a H296 (very large) has a limit of 3300kkg ± 10%, so it can be anything between 2970kkg and 3630kkg. It cannot be one shot with a capital, not since the prop trick got nerfed, now you need a capital and one or two BS.

So your base numbers are wrong.

Also, a C1 is a medium hole, medium holes only allow battlecruisers (or nestors) through.

Small wormholes are also referred to as frigate WHs, they only allows frigates, destroyers, and specially fit HICs though… good luck rolling them.

Changed to total mass.

I’m not knowledgable in wormhole lingo, but this is confusing to me. How is doing something 25 times a ‘oneshot’. I would think that oneshot is when you need only one shot?

you can one shot a wormhole with multiple ships if you all jump at the same time

you are still totaly wrong ! pls use google to lern about wormholes

Closed at OP’s polite request.