Rolling Non-Fresh Static Holes

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I am just getting back into wormholes. It has been a long time. Does anyone have any good info on best practices for how to approach rolling holes that are assumed not fresh? I can find good info on how to approach fresh ones, but not used ones (e.g., reduced, not yet reduced but assumed not clean).

This would be for C3s and C5s probably.


Assuming you know nothing about how much mass has gone through previously, just push a roller through until it goes crit. As long as it is not crit, you know the max mass that can safely go through (10% of a light hole.) In many cases this means it’s safe to put a higgs rigged BS through hot.

If it goes crit while you’re on the other side, great! You’ll most likely roll on the hot pass back.

If it goes crit while you’re on your side, use a heavy interdictor to finish it off.


How would you use a heavy interdictor to finish that off?

I saw your name and couldn’t help but ask: have you read catch-22 before?

There is a module that you can fit in HICs that make them have less mass than a frigate when activated

This has some pretty good rules of thumb to follow:

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best practice when you don’t know is
one at a time and take note of when it goes Half,

if it is Halved then always go light making sure you know your ship mass is less than the Crit mass remaining

Excel does wonders if your nerdy, expect 0-20% -+ with a rare 30%

as for ships, if your not doing the math get the BSs as close as possible to 300 so you don’t f*ck your HIC and if you are paranoid use four mass entanglers. and flip off 1600 plate when it jumps light, you can flip it on coming back with the 100m.

remember 100mn and 500mn are 50, use the 500mn for BSs (speed) and 100mn for the HICs or Cruisers to allow more fittings.

you will loose them to Smart Dictors with buddies, so build cheap and swap $$ pods before rolling.

there are 3 ways to fit BS.

Speeded out - with nuets and Jams cloaks over drives and speed rigs
DPS - for Dictors and fast things that catch you
Evasive n Cloaked - Cloaks, speed jump drive, super slow but spais will have seconds or less to know which direction you are, the less WHs makes its easier for them tho.

Med size WHs and fun
refit-able T3s you can take the Hig off and on with 100mn as needed

Dedicated Strat if you live in C1 or have one for a static, 4 in/out (2 if its your static) and maybe a HIC to close. slots are open for what ever.

[Stratios, *Roller]

400mm Steel Plates II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Warp Core Stabilizer II
Inertial Stabilizers II

100MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
[Empty Med slot]
Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II

Covert Ops Cloaking Device II
[Empty High slot]
[Empty High slot]
[Empty High slot]
Sisters Core Probe Launcher

Medium Higgs Anchor I

Hammerhead II x20
Infiltrator II x20

Sisters Core Scanner Probe x16


Yes :slight_smile: Well spotted.

There are far better options than Stratios for rolling C1s, like any cheap ship with 10mt mass with higgs rig. No need for probes as you should have the chain scanned in case of being rolled out.

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