Anyone having issues rolling holes?

I have been having issues lately closing holes and I wonder if anyone has had similar problems. I live in a hole with a static C3 and I used to be able to just use the mega and run through it 4 times and it would close. Lately, it has said “This Wormhole has had its stability reduced but not to a critical degree yet” I make a pass and it closes with me on the wrong side. Did CCP change anything to make this more random and not work in the same way it used to?

If CCP changed something, couldn’t you just add armor plates and a Higgs rig to the Mega to make it close when you’re on the right side of it? Or use a bigger ship?

He very likely already uses the higs rig as X702 wormholes (which lead to C3) have a max jump mass of 300M kg. You cannot use something bigger because only C5 and C6 wormholes allow capitals to jump through.

I have not noticed this particular behavior. However, I have noticed that wormholes more often than in the past just don’t recognize your MWD cycle and are of the +10 mass variation. Maybe you just had a bad luck chain of wormholes that were of the -10% mass variation.

It comes down to doin the math right. If it’s deathbed and you know you weren’t the only one going through don’t got out of the hole hot. Have a rolling hic just in case if you don’t already.

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So I am using the Higgs with an MWD. My Mega is 200k light 300k heavy and with 2 full runs even at heavy each pass that only puts me at 1,200,000,000 which explains why it said “This Wormhole has had its stability reduced but not to a critical degree yet” but not why it would have collapsed which of course the message would/should have been “This wormhole has had its mass reduced by ships passing through it and is on the verge of collapse” or something very similar to that. I have been doing this for years and in the last couple weeks ended on the wrong side more times then all the previous years combined. I have not ruled out user error and will continue to keep track also using this guide: which I know there are more detailed guides out there but boiled down they are all the same.

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It so does happen, sometimes that wh’s are on the brink of entering into critical stage and when something bigger than the total mass left passes thru that It skips the critical mass message and directly collapses.

It has happened to me before when I miscalculated the mass. It would be something like this the critical stage is at either 2.4B T or 3B T considering the + - 10% mass variable. and you have reduced it to 2.399B T and when u do one hot pass it reaches its mass limit at 2.7T ( ccp round) and directly closes before giving the critical message.

Best thing is to observe when the wh has reached half mass and then calculate it from there.

Hope that helps
Fly Safe

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Exactly what kind of WH are you trying to collapse here? Not all C3 statics are the same, and different wormholes require different rolling tactics.

From your “4 passes” remark, I’m guessing you live in a C5 with a C3 (M267) static. This WH has a 1000 Gg mass ± 10%. The critical phase is at the last 10% which could be as low as 90Gg, so it’s quite easy to completely skip past the critical phase with a 200Gg cold pass.

The typical strategy to roll this would be to first do a cold and a hot pass (500 Gg) then check if the wormholes has gone half massed. If it has, another cold and hot pass wil roll it, otherwise a hot and hot pass will roll it.

This strategy can be confounded if, unbeknownst to you, someone put some mass on the hole already. Say you got a light hole (900 Gg) and someone has already put 200 Gg through it. Your first cold pass puts it at 400 Gg which is still under half mass so you suspect nothing. Your hot return puts it at 700 Gg, and the WH gets its first shrink. If you now go through cold, you reach 900Gg and collapse the hole leaving you stranded on the other side without seeing the critical stage.

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Orrrr… you could roll with a <3mill Sigil (100MN + Higgs rig gives you 122kT per hot pass), any hole larger than medium is good - use a Sigil without a Higgs and reverse-HIC it (ie pulse the AB during transition) for mediums. You can roll a frigate hole with a HIC, but I can’t even fly one of those yet. My favourite ship to roll large/very large holes is the Omen (for 134kT hot pass), you could use any cruiser that can pack a 500MN MWD and a Higgs, but I like the fact that the Omen can still be armed just in case you run into any wormholers. That and it’s still fast even with a Higgs.

The rolling sigil suggested above is a great option, especially when combined with alpha characters you can jump and self-destruct if they end up on the wrong side of the hole.

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