Rolling small ship wormholes

Hello there, this is my first post :relaxed:.
Is it possible to roll small size wormholes?
What’s the max jumpmass?
What do i need to know to close those wh?

The short answer is you don’t. They were spefically created to basically be un-rollable. It would take probably about 200 jumps to close one.

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They regenerate mass. It is actually impossible, not just practically.

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I dunno about that.

A few weeks ago I saw a PVP squad in Thera collapse a hole to hisec then attack anyone who warped to where the whole was (according to the link in the Scouts folder).

(Nearly caught me in the trap too!)

Ok? Was it a frigate size WH? Regular wormholes are collapsible. This thread is specifically asking about the frigate sized WH.

Conclusion : It’s theoretically possible, but unrealistic.

Frigate wormholes attributes are as such below.
Max Mass to collapse : 3,000,000,000 Kg
Max Mass per Jump : 5,000,000 Kg
Mass Regeneration : 3,000,000,000 Kg

The lesson of history.

Before the CCP “patched” the de-sync between wormhole “passing masses applications” and the feasibility of “jumping the wormhole based on the mass of the ship” one year and a half ago, you were able to have 130kt mass passed with it.

Wormhole has two factors to determine the consequences of your jump action. One is to judge whether your ship can jump the wormhole or not. It’s judged on the mass as of what you PUSHED jump button. Another is that how your mass is reflected the wormholes max mass. Your ships mass as of what you started to change the system had been reflected. It means that, you could overmass ( reflecting mass more than limited/designed to the wormhole max mass) by activating your prop mods after you push jumping button. The technique was common to roll X-large wormholes with capital ships like H296 ( C5=C5 connections). CCP integrated these two factors into a single timing, thereby this technique is no longer available.

Heavy Inter Diction Cruiser can fit exclusive modules to reduce its own mass. For example, a broadsword fitted with higgs anchor rig has 130,000,000 Kg mass. By activating three zero-point mass entangler, the mass is reduced to 993,700 Kg.
You COULD let 130Kt passed with following mass for the frigate holes.

  1. Activate ZPMEs.
  2. Press jump button.
  3. Deactivate ZPMEs and activate over sized prop mods.
  4. Mass applied.
    Again, this technique is no longer feasible.

The unique point is that frigate hole “regenerates” its masses. Detailed mechanics have not yet published though, it’s assumed as such ; mass consumed so far is reset regularly.
In fact I saw the frigate wormhole visually gets bigger while it’s already destabilized. ( You know, the wormholes literally shrinks when their masses left reaches half of the max.)
No idea how actually it’s set though, I assume the regenerations are made in every 15 minutes. You have to mass the wormhole in pretty short period to roll it off.
( e.g. Confessor is one of the heaviest frigate/destroyer class hull. It has 2,500,000 Kg fully fitted. To roll the Frigate hole, you need to pass at least half of the max mass, 1,500,000,000 kg at once, equivalent to 600 confessors. It’s nearly impossible.)


Correct, unrollable with 100-150+ max mass dessies trying to collapse the wh for over an hour. This is the only stuff I can find on it off hand atm

This wouldn’t have been a frig hole, as OP asks. Frig whs only spawn between whs, from a wh to a C13 wh, or from a wh to NS.

I like C13 whs a lot, so if you have any questions regarding frig whs, C13s, or wolf rayets then I’ll see what I can do for ya. If you also want access to a C13, just let me know and I’ll scan ya into one

Fly Safe o7,
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Its impossible its CCP’s way of saying haha ■■■■ you

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